EsKape Press Birthday Bash w/ Giveaways!


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EsKape FB PartyAhoy, one and all! Here’s a reminder to me pirate crew. Don’t forget we’ll be celebrating the 1st Anniversary of EsKape Press tomorrow, September 14th from 12-11 p.m. (Eastern). Eleven authors hosting FANtastic giveaways!

As part of the celebrations, I’ll be revealing two new book covers! ARRR!!! The EsKape Press Birthday Bash is going to be EPIC!!!

Behold ye author line-up!

Noon – Lisa Orchard

1:00 – Sherry Gloag

2:00 – Kim Bowman

3:00 – Elaina Lee

4:00 – Melissa MacKinnon

5:00 – Cherry Christensen

6:00 – Patricia Kiyono

7:00 – Ruth Hartman

8:00 – Calle Brookes

9:00 – Moriah Densley

10:00 – Katherine Bone

11:00 – Samantha Combs

Hope to see ye all there!



Welcome Author Becky Lower!

Captain Jack in TortugaJack is back, me hearties, with a another colorful interview! Winks

“Two in one month, ye say? Aye, upon my honor, two is better than one, true enough!”

Aye, he’s a sly one, especially in Tortuga after imbibing rum. So come aboard and help welcome Historical and Contemporary Author Lady Becky Lower today. Let’s give Jack and Becky a big piratey welcome, mateys!!! ARRRRR!!!!

“Thank ye. Thank ye. ‘Tis true I like plenty of fanfare, especially when me compass points to what I most. Wouldn’t ye agree, Lady Becky? Where does your compass point to?”

It seems that my characters, be they historical or contemporary, are always headed west, young man.

“Young man?” Spews rum and checks to make sure no one else heard. “I’ll have ye know that I’m well-seasoned and porportionately outfitted with tackle and pieces of eight, dearie. Significant treasure, to be sure. Now I ask ye, if you could have eight pieces with you at all times, what would they be?”

A kindle crammed full of books, a laptop so I can write about my adventures on the high seas, photos of each of my four siblings, a change of undies and a little dog, Mary.

“Undies?” Downs more rum and licks his lips! “Clap a stopper on me eyes and a dog too!” Swallows another dram. “You’re an interesting fish. When did the wind take hold of your sails?”

From the time I was a mere lass. I thought the writers of the Bonanza TV show could benefit from my insight, so I sent them a script when I was 12. I’m so grateful YouTube—

Eyes bug wide. “I do not tube, m’lady. I swear on me effects.”

YouTube wasn’t invented in then, Jack, because I can only imagine the hysteria I caused. They did send me a very encouraging rejection letter too.

“A slap, as it were? Mayhap ye’ve been to Tortuga? I need more than one hand to count the times I’ve… No? Tell me then, were there times the Kraken tried to pull ye down to Davy Jones Locker? If so, how’d ye escape?”

When I first started writing, the critiques would really get to me. My time-travel, which I have yet to finish, is a victim of people being overly critical of it. I’ve learned now not to let them drag me into the deep end, but still, I can feel a bit of a prod with the end of a sword when I get a nasty one. So I strive harder.

“Prod aft, as it were?” Shivers “During a broadside, what do you do to mend your sails?”

I work jigsaw puzzles, call a buddy to comisserate, or go shopping with my sister.

captain jack sparrow w birdRegards parrot. “I commiserate with this fellow.” Ponders for a moment then shakes head. “Though most likely he’ll just repeat what I’ve said. Rum is more satisfying. Lady Becky, once the course for that coveted horizon had been charted, how long did it take ye to make port?”

It took me four long years from the time I decided to take myself seriously until I got a contract. Not a great deal of time in the scheme of things, but I am a bit long in the tooth, so every year counts.

Knits brows and fingers his gold plated teeth. “Every day counts to a pirate as well, dearie. We have a code, more like guidelines anyway. But they keep us alive. What is your code?”

I use a loose outline, following Blake Synder’s Save The Cat technique. That helps me see the track I’m headed down, but still leaves me room for surprises.

Captain Jack Sparrow Undead MonkeyLooks around for a cat. “I have an undead monkey, but I can’t save it. It’s already dead.”

Your all time favorite pirate is:

Katherine Bone. I hear she’s fierce on the high seas.


Kathy RWA Conference 2010Claps hands together with glee then, as an afterthought, looks for the black spot. “Aye, a right fair captain, Lady Katherine is. And a good sport willing to put up with me shenanigans.”


1f1868b212d10ad8986c23.L._V144050270_SX200_Becky Lower has traveled hither and yon to find great settings for her novels. She loves to write about two people finding each other and falling in love, amid the backdrop of a great setting, be it on a covered wagon headed west in the 1850’s or in present-day America. Historical and Contemporary romances are her specialty. Becky is a PAN member of the RWA, an Amazon Bestselling author and a member of the Northeast Ohio Chapter.

roses2Every tar what sets foot on a ship has a story. What story do you have to tell, Lady Becky?


In 1859, ladies of New York society are expected to do three things well: find a husband, organize a household, and have children. But despite her mother’s best intentions, making her debut is the last thing on Rosemary Fitzpatrick’s mind.

Writing the popular Harry Hawk dime novels as F.P. Elliott, she’s too busy hiding her female identity from her new publisher, Henry Cooper. To protect her clandestine career, she ends up posing as the enigmatic author’s secretary.

Henry is not the typical Boston Brahmin, nor the typical publisher, and Rosemary entrances him from the moment they meet. As they work together and grow closer, he wonders how his traditional-minded father will react when he brings her into the family, because Henry firmly intends to marry the working-class woman.

But when her deception begins to unravel at the cotillion ball, will Henry be able to forgive her or has deceit cost her the man she loves?

Ports: Becky Lower’s Amazon Page   Author Becky Lower  Facebook  Twitter

THE DUPLICITOUS DEBUTANTE is book six in Becky Lower’s COTILLION BALL SERIES. Have you read her other books?

Welcome Aboard Author Leslie P. Garcia!


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ARRR!!! Jack is back, me hearties! Come aboard and help us welcome contemporary romance author, Lady Leslie P. Garcia, eh? An author of over 7 books, Leslie believes words still have power and always will. We’re inclined to believe her!

captain jack sparrow 4“A well-propertied wench, she is. Welcome, welcome, Lady Leslie! Up first, a formidable question to be sure. We all come from somewhere. If I may be so bold, where does your compass point to?”

Home. Alas, there is little true adventure in this landlubber’s soul. I could walk beaches for miles, but a bad lightning storm in a 12 foot aluminum boat called the Little Jumper cured me of wanting to wallow amongst the swells of a heavy sea. Plus, being waterborne in this day and age takes an awful lot of coin.

Pirate Money“Coin. Aye. We’ve a sayin’ for that… treasure. I’ve got pieces of eight in my pocket. Significant treasure, to be sure. If you could have eight pieces with you at all times, what would they be?”

Wow. A provocative question. Family, to be sure, and that’s like double the allotted amount, but if we call family just one, then also my passion for words, the books that have enlightened, entertained and devastated me over years, the strange twists that have become the stories I tell — you know what? That’s 3 pieces, right, and it’s more or less enough, so I’ll add my friends and be done, because otherwise — I’d just wish for the material pieces one occasionally lusts after.

“Lust? Swounds and blood. You’re a sassy wench to be bringin’ up lust and we’ve only hit on question two. Belay that! Ye do write romance, eh?” Winks. “But easy now, we’re just gettin’ started and we’ve yet to drink rum. When did the wind/muse take hold of your sails?”

May all your further questions be this easy.

“Easy? I’m a gentleman of fortune. I live rough, risk swingin’ and eat and drink like a flightin’ cock. I wager nothin’ is easy, includin’ your journey to port.”

I could read and write before I entered school. I honestly believe it to have been osmosis — my mother and father valued books over everything else, and when we didn’t have clothes (really) we had books. My very first sale was when I was in six, in first grade, to a magazine called Kids. I made a $1.50. Unfortunately, that treasure had to see me through pretty much a lifetime of lean earnings.

“Pirates know about lean earnings, luv. Nothin’ to do but put your back into it. Were there times the Kraken,” Jack shivers “tried to pull ye down to Davy Jones Locker? If so, how’d ye escape?”

Oh, and when didn’t they attach themselves to my veins and suck, or to my feet and drag me under? So many “We regret to inform you,” each one a burning criticism. But my biggest hurt came from the grandmother who told me my writing was worthless, and the teacher who said I should find another path to pursue. How did I escape? The Kraken still pursued me, but habit is a stern master, so I just go on until they’re momentarily behind me.

“In situations like these, there’s nothin’ for a pirate to do but scupper your hide out of there and escape the beastie. Well done, m’lady. Now for me next question. During a broadside, what do you do to mend your sails?”

Not good at that. This ship hasn’t launched a thousand faces, but man, have those broadsides sunk it a thousand times. I allow myself way too much whine time, a little time for what my mother called my brown funk, and then I just sigh deeply and go on. Once I take those next few steps — I’m all better.

“Ye’ve a good plan. Get to windward, I say. Batten down the hatches and back to your post. Which leads me to this question. Once the course for that coveted horizon had been charted, how long did it take ye to make port/publication?”

Well, as I said — the first time was the easiest. I was six. After that — a few publications in magazines over the years, most notably, a poem in McCall’s. My breakthrough, though, didn’t come until Crimson Romance published Unattainable in 2013.

“Avast and likewise belay that! Congratulations on your first sale! Ye stayed your course, m’lady. Test of a true pirate. Pirates have a code, more like guidelines anyway. What is your code?”

Funny, you’d think a land seeking anchor like me would plot and plan and plot — but it’s the seat of my pants, bumping along until a story tells me it’s done.

“Seat of your pants, eh?” Raises a dram of rum. “Here’s to ourselves, and hold your luff, plenty of prizes and plenty of duff.” Drains mug and slams it on the desk. “And now to my favorite question of this interview. Your all time favorite pirate is?” Leans forward flashin’ a charming grin.

Romantically, Jack Sparrow. Is there anyone else?

Jack preens.

Pragmatically, Harry Morgan, that great English pirate of debatable virtue, because my mother claims we’re related — and you honor family first, right?

Jack’s eyes widen. “Prodigny of Morgan, eh? Well now, you ARRR a well-propertied wench! This calls for more rum!”

17fd9ca2f5e00a7e9d9aa4.L._V376865861_SX200_Guest pirate: Lady Leslie

A scurvy babe, if my mom remembered right, born in a horrible heat wave, moved around for most of her young life—sounds romantic, right? Except for the scurvy part? Truth be told, I moved often during my childhood, finding adventures everywhere, but have spent almost all my adult life in south Texas, raising the family that is my center of gravity, coaxing first graders to write during the day, and coaxing myself to write by night, usually accompanied by a motley assortment of much loved pets.

“Every tar what sets foot on a ship has a story. What story do you have to tell, Lady Leslie?”

CrazyforcowboysOh, stories I have, Jack, two of them burning like stars over an ocean or those pieces of eight. May I brag a wee bit? Both are anthologies, treasures struck by several hands to bring joy to many. The first is the Crimson Romance Crazy for Cowboys Bundle. Eight full length romances, can you imagine? For a dead man’s ransom? No! For .99!  The bundle includes my personal bestseller, Unattainable, and seven other stories of men in boots and hats. Sorry — not a sea faring rogue in the lot, but great stories none the less!

CowboyUpGroupBundle_200pxThen — also seeing the light of day on September 8th, the collection of seven more hot men on horses, Cowboy Up. Seven shorter, faster reads by seven amazing authors. My contribution to that prestigious group is A Cowboy’s Heart, a story of teenage love grown up. Guaranteed to give more than the eight seconds of pleasure from a bull ride, I guarantee.  And every bit as economical as the bundle, the anthology will set you back a mere $.99! $.99! So “Cowboy Up”, my maritime lovelies, and pick up both these treasures for a mere pittance!

Ports: Crazy for Cowboys   Cowboy Up   Crimson Romance

Wishin’ ye fair voyage and success, Lady Leslie!

Do you have a favorite cowboy?

Romancing the Jewel Cover Reveal & New Beginnings!


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Ahoy, me hearties! Life takes us down many different curves in the road, but somewhere over the hills, mountains, and rainbows we drive out to a majestic view of the sea shore. Today is one of those days!

Italian Prince meets Southern Lady

Italian Prince meets Southern Lady

While I was trying to get my pirate books published, I entered a little contest called the Mills & Boon New Voices Contest. (Many of you may remember this story well.) The idea was to write my very first contemporary to see if I was any good at it and whether or not the genre was one I wanted to explore. Oddly enough, I had a lot of fun writing that first chapter which became LOST TREASURE, CAPTIVE PRINCESS. It didn’t final, but ultimately I finished the book and submitted it to Crimson Romance. The rest is history or is it… backstory? ;)

While the cover CR gave the book was phenomenal, many people said they thought LT,CP was a historical romance. That’s when I realized branding was key. This year, I sent the book to my current publisher EsKape Press. Together we’ve rebranded the book with a new cover, title, and editing for relaunch, tentatively September 23, 2014.

Behold the new and improved LOST TREASURE, CAPTIVE PRINCESSROMANCING THE JEWEL! Isn’t it hot?

RomancingtheJewel500x750 (2)Carolina didn’t think being kidnapped by a prince was too bad…until he stole her heart.

Caroline Beugre is a small town girl who longs for her own upscale jewelry store in downtown Atlanta. To fund her nest egg, she’s created a copy of an emerald necklace from her uncle’s private collection, hoping the gems will be her ticket to stardom. Little does she know her decision will lead her into the hands of an intensely powerful charismatic man determined to uncover the secrets of her past and ignite her passions.

Italian prince Gian-Paolo Montovanni risks losing his throne if he doesn’t put an end to his playboy ways and produce a fiancée no later than his thirtieth birthday. The problem? His princess-to-be must be wearing the Montovanni emeralds, a traditional gift which hasn’t been seen for twenty years. When he discovers an American is selling a copy of his mother’s gems, he will do anything to find them — including romancing the jewel.

Branding is key! While ROMANCING THE JEWEL is a contemporary, I’m still channeling my inner pirate with the Terrhenian Sea and a yacht. Just sayin…

Jack gives me a wry wink. “I’ve an inklin’ to keep ye for meself.”

“Ah, Jack! They’ll have to strip you clean away from me bones.” ;)

What do you think about the new cover, me hearties?


Captain’s Log Returns!


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Holy Cat-o-Nines! It’s been a long time since I’ve written in my Captain’s Log!

Life has taken me on so many adventures this summer, me hearties. RT in May, which I plan to continue blogging about, Handsome Son #2 home on leave from Alaska for 3 weeks, Darling Daughter #1 moving in with her 20 month old son after a very difficult divorce, traveling to Nebraska for 8 days to visit Handsome Son #1 and his family, and finally my rogue’s surgery not a few weeks ago.

In between, I’ve been doing edits on THE ROGUE’S PRIZE, getting it ready for relaunch. Not to mention, finishing up MY LADY ROGUE so I can send it in to my editor. I’ve also been told that ROMANCING THE JEWEL, formally titled Lost Treasure, Captive Princess, is with an editor now. Yeeaauuss! Busy days ahead! ARRRgh! Wouldn’t have it any other way. ;)

Lately, I’ve hardly met myself coming and going. It’s beginning to take a toll. So prior to doctoring rogue during his 30 day rest after surgery, I made a life-altering decision. I’m leaving my day job to write full-time. Woot!!!

Pull out a rum cask, Jack! It’s time to celebrate!!!

“Since when do we need a reason, lass?”

Good point. *winks as Jack shoots a gold-toothed grin*

Yes, that means more time to write all these wonderful adventures clamoring to be told. And lollapalooza, I’ve got to work fast. There are too many characters talking in my head as it is. ;)

Meanwhile, I’ve been part of some amazing contests and had tons of fun! But summer’s not over yet and there’s still more adventure to be had. esKape Press celebrates its one year Anniversary in September. So hang around like a barnacle and make yourself at home. Great ports to be made!



Welcome to Rogues, Rebels & Rakes, Lady Sharon Lathan!


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Captain Jack Sparrow 5Gather round crew. Jack’s doing another interview! Today, the signal flag is flapping high and a hearty “ARRRGH!”is the cry. Come aboard, one and all. Curtsy and bow to Lady Sharon Lathan, Regency Author Extraordinaire!

Welcome, m’lady! Gird your loins, Jack is ready to play!

Jack grins, revealing a gold tooth. “Welcome, Lady Sharon. Care for some rum?”

Thank you, Jack! I am delighted to be on this excursion with the rogues, rebels, and rakes lurking about Captain Katherine’s blog. A mite intimidating as well, I daresay, what with the requisite nautical terms and pirate cant!

“Cant, never could. But do go on, m’lady.”

I dwell amongst the upper crust of London Society, you see. So, be gentle with this novice seafarer as I unpin my hair, loosen my bodice ties, and strap on a sword and scabbard. Take it away, Captain Sparrow!

“Bodice ties? Swords? You do live dangerously, which brings me to my first question, m’lady. If you were born with a compass in your hand, what would it point to?

Home, heaven, and hubby. Yep, I am essentially a simple wench longing for stability with stout walls around and a thick roof above. I avoid the rough seas when possible! I need my loved ones nearby, especially the pirate who stole my heart so long ago, and the Almighty to steer my course.

“Would his name be Jack? No?” Coughs miserably. “You’ve solid footing underfoot. I’ve got pieces of eight in my pocket. Significant treasure, to be sure. If you could have eight pieces with you at all times, what would they be?”

My cell phone, an awesome Samsung Galaxy, is number one. Gotta keep in touch with my mates! Plus, with the Kindle app installed I am never far from prime reading material, including a Bible. I have all my photos uploaded too, so my kids, family, friends, and memories are at my fingertips. Basically this is my portable computer with way more than eight significant treasures rolled into one!

Captain Jack with Jar of dirtJack winks. “I believe Katherine has one of these strange shiny boxes. Plays with it all the time, she does.” His eyes widen. ” I’ve got a jar of dirt! No, it’s not shiny but if ye look long enough, ye can barely make out that rum runners have been in there.”

Interesting. Not sure how to tuck it all into a pocket, but my hubby’s espresso machine with bottomless barrels of steamed milk and perfectly roasted Costa Rican or Blue Mountain beans are essentials to life. Of course I need him for barista skills, as well as the many other talents he possesses. *wink, wink

Jack shoots look over his shoulder then winks back. “Barista skills? Talents? Aye, I believe your hubby and I may have been in Tortuga together. Is this when the muse took hold of your sails?”

My imagination has always been creative and my mind spun stories that earned excellent grades in school, but as an RN my focus was on science. When I began writing in 2006, after being inspired by the movie version of Pride and Prejudice and then everything Jane Austen, it remained a “hobby” for over a year. Even when I started looking into publishing I was not imagining it a career or long-lasting endeavor. Now I am writing full-time and loving it!

Captain Jack Sparrow Undead Monkey“And I thought my hobbies: drinking rum, carousing with Katherine, getting out of scrapes, and shooting undead monkeys were exceptional.” Looks to Katherine. “Why didn’t you tell me Lady Sharon was a Rum Nurse? I may need her help chasing away the black spot.”

Katherine’s turn to grin. “Oh, Jack! Lady Sharon is a Registered Nurse not a Rum Nurse.”

Shivers. “Mayhap she’s registered to prescribe rum, eh? Rum does have medicinal value. For instance, Lady Sharon were there times the Kraken tried to pull ye down to Davy Jones Locker? If so, how’d ye escape? And I do believe rum works wonders here, right Katherine?”

“Aye, Jack!” Katherine encourages Lady Sharon to offer up her Kraken woes. “Do go on, m’lady.”

“Yes, luv. Tell us about your beasties.”

The monsters dwell in the shadows in vast quantities, and I daresay the Krakens residing amongst the polite veneer of Austen society are some of the worst! I was a rookie sailor on the publishing ship, utterly unprepared for the waves. In the early months I came very close to drowning, and needed the occasional pounding on my chest to spew the seawater. But, in time I got my legs under me and learned to weather the storms. I owe it all to the support of my family, and mostly to those readers who adore my novels. I learned the ropes and how to properly set my sails!

“Here’s a pirate tip. Hold your breath, eh? Works wonders when the plank be the thing ye see above the surface. Now, during a broadside, what do you do to mend your sails?”

Re-watching Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley and the yummy Matthew Macfadyen has a wonderfully therapeutic affect! It is also very inspiring to re-read the plethora of positive feedback I have received. Satisfied fans have a profound replenishing ability. Other times I need to walk away from the glaringly blank page to do something entertaining or relaxing.

Jack winks and takes a swig. “True satisfaction is found with rum. I do not deny the therapeutic affects of that particular course. But I’m curious, m’lady. Once the course for that coveted horizon – your writing journey – had been charted, how long did it take ye to make port?”

In retrospect it was a swift voyage.

“Were ye aboard the Pearl by chance? Fastest ship at sea, she is.”

No, I began writing seriously in March of 2006, started seeking an agent/publisher in October, self-published my first novel in June 2007, and then was accepted by Sourcebooks a month later! By the end of 2007 I was under contract for three novels, the first one—Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One—released on March 1, 2009. Since then I have seen seven more novels and one novella anthology published. Quite a whirlwind, in truth!

“A perfect storm, I say. Wouldn’t ye agree, Katherine?”

“Most definitely, Jack. Very impressive, Lady Sharon!!!”

Jack shimmies closer. “Did you see Tia Dalma? No? Pirates have a code, more like guidelines anyway, but what code do ye sail by?”

I wing it. Free as a bird, so to speak. Or, as it is termed in literary parlance, I am a “pantster.” I make notes, of course, research like crazy, and do have a general game plan as to what is going to happen with the Darcys and their friends. But I like to let the winds take me as I move along. For me this offers freedom. I suppose you can relate to that, right?

“The Darcys? Are they pirates? Do they sail in the Caribbean? If so, who is your all time favorite pirate?

Jack, my love, until recently I would have chosen you. Alas, my heart has now been wrest away and captivated by the engaging smile, roguish charm, and stunning blue eyes of Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time. *sigh  Second place goes to Ragnar Lothbrok, the Viking played by Travis Fimmel on Vikings. Vikings count as pirates, yes?

Jack takes a swig of rum and turns to speak to his parrot.captain jack sparrow w bird

“Jack, you have to agree that Colin O’Donahue and Travis Fimmel walk a mighty fine plank.”

“I don’t begrudge a woman her say. Both pirates have earned their due. But can they do this?” Jack balances on spinning wheel rolling down hill. “And that was without any rum, m’lady,” he shouts on the way down.

SharonSOKYGuest pirate: Lady Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. Sharon began writing in 2006 and her first novel, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One was published in 2009. Sharon’s ninth novel – Darcy & Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship – is Book One of the Darcy Saga Prequel Duo recounting the betrothal months before the Darcy Saga began.

Miss Darcy Falls in Love was chosen for World Book Night US 2014.

Sharon is a native Californian relocated in September 2013 to the green hills of Kentucky. She resides with her husband of thirty-years, and grown son. Currently retired from a thirty-year profession as a registered nurse in Neonatal Intensive Care, Sharon is pursuing her dream as a full-time writer.

Sharon is a member of the Jane Austen Society of North America, JASNA Louisville, the Romance Writers of America, the Beau Monde and Hearts Through History chapters of the RWA, the Louisville Romance Writers, and serves on the board of her California RWA chapter, the Yosemite Romance Writers.

Every tar what sets foot on a ship has a story. What story do you have to tell? (Here’s where the blurb for your book comes in.)

Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship (Book One of the Darcy Saga Prequel Duo)

SeasonofCourtshipfrontcovermedAccepting a marriage proposal is merely the beginning . . .

How did Lady Catherine restore Mr. Darcy’s hope to prompt his second proposal? Did Caroline Bingley yield gracefully? Were the Bennets and Meryton citizens approving?

Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet are betrothed!

Readers of The Darcy Saga have shared in the romance, life, and marital escapades of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy. Now the “prequel to the sequel” recounts the weeks in between as two new lovers prepare for happily ever after.

Embark on the journey as Darcy and Elizabeth overcome the rocky past and discover the depth of their love. Delight in budding passion and sweet romance. Enjoy the wedding planning and adventures during the initial weeks of their engagement.

A Season of Courtship promises Hope of the Future.

Ports:  Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Amazon Author Page

For more information about Sharon, the Regency Era, and her novels, visit her website/blog at Happily Ever After Comes True

***ARRRGH! We’ve truly enjoyed playing pirate. But here be the best part of having Lady Sharon at Rogues, Rebels & Rakes, me hearties! She be offerin’ treasure. Aye, two giveaways to be exact. Yes, two! Comment and she’ll pick two pirates to win Ebook copies of her book, A SEASON OF COURTSHIP. Huzzah!!! (Announcement of winner to come Tuesday, July 1st!)***

TRR Sizzling Summer Reads & Story Finds Event!


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TRR June AdARRRGH, me hearties! I’m celebrating that MY LORD ROGUE is being displayed on the Party Event Page at The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads Event from June 21 to 25. Woot!!! Stop by and take a gander, won’t you?

I’m also happy to announce the winner of my Sizzling Summer Reads Event TRR giveaway was Joy Aleman. Woo-hoo! Congrats, m’lady!!!

MY LORD ROGUE will also be featured on the Summer Reads Event at Story Finds Theme Week between June 22 – June 29th. Make sure to stop by and enter the contest for a copy of MY LORD ROGUE.

I’ve got family home visiting and the summer if off to a roaring start! Here’s hoping you are sailing off to riotous adventures too.

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. ~ Albert Camus





A Day of Celebration!


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Every day life brings an adventure. This is my story and I’m sticking to it. After all, what you believe is all in a type of mindset. Right? I adore this pump yourself up type of philosophy. The idea that even if I spent a sleepless night comforting my grandson, a new day dawns promising untold wonders never imagined.

Today, I’ve got a few things busting my seams.

One, I set off on adventure and landed at Regency author Lady Sharon Lathan‘s blog today! Woot! Check out my interview, me hearties. Lady Sharon’s talents far exceed Regency finesse. She’s a fabulous hostess with the mostest. (Shhh… I’m trying to be good and not scare her off with me rowdy crew, but if’n ye be obliged, stop by and comment for a chance to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Huzzah!)

Second on my list of FANtasm: I got my first substantial royalty payment from my new publisher!!! Hallelujah!

All the pirates sing, “Huzzah and Hoorah!!!”

“It didn’t come in a jar of dirt, did it?” Jack wrinkles his nose.

“No Jack, this be real treasure! Modern necessities called paper doubloons that we put in a bank!”

Jack shrugs his shoulders. “I’ve got a jar of dirt.”

So you see, a day that started out poorer, with a desire for a cargo hold of caffeine, turned out to be a crazy wild twenty-one cannon off the starboard side awesomeballz kind of day!

Oh, and did I mention today is my rogue’s birthday? <g>

“That calls for great celebration, m’dear.” Jack points to the rum. “It’s not gone… yet.”

Sail to Sharon Lathan’s blog today, me hearties! Don’t miss out on your chance to win! We’ll break open the rum! ;)



My First RT Adventure!


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The 2014 RT (The Romantic Times) Convention was a rollicking good time and I’ve yet to recover. This was my first experience at RT and my first extended trip to New Orleans. Interestingly enough, it also happened to be the first time my rogue and one of my children accompanied me on a writing convention trip. Because we’d made this a family affair, we arrived four days early in order to do some sightseeing and discover the allure of NOLA. And in the next few posts, I’m going to share my adventures with you, me hearties.

Day One:

Rogue, DD#2 (Darling Daughter #2), and I started our Sunday off early by meeting the gracious Heather Graham and about 20 other adventurers in Kathryn Falk, Lady of Barrow’s suite for water, juice, and breakfast snacks. Ms. Graham initiated introductions and then gave us some history of New Orleans through the suit’s expansive windows overlooking the French Quarter.

NOLA Carriage RideFirst order of business: a carriage ride through the French Quarter! Outside the Marriott, we hopped into carriages. With a snap of the reins, our adventure began. (Hint: French Quarter carriages are led by mules, not horses, as horses cannot take the NOLA heat as well.) As we traveled through narrow streets, we were told fascinating stories.

Memorable places stand out:

  • Sultan's HouseThe Gardette-Laprete House, 1240 Burgundy Street, on the corner of Dauphine and Orleans Avenue, locally known as The Sultan’s House, a beautiful pink building with black iron-lace frills. Here, the brother of a Turkish Sultan rented the house from Jean Baptiste Le Pretre who’s main residence was a plantation in Plaquemines Parish. Music and incense emanated from the house until one day the music stopped. Curious, a neighbor noticed blood oozing under the door, down the front steps, and under the front gate. When the authorities arrived, they discovered a gruesome sight. Everyone inside had been brutally massacred and the Sultan buried alive in a shallow grave in the back garden.
  • LaLaurie HouseOn the corner of Royal Street and Governor Nichol’s Street stands the most haunted house in New Orleans, the LaLaurie House, 1140 Royal Street. Here a number of atrocities were committed by Delphine LaLaurie and her physician husband, Leonard Louis Nicolas LaLaurie, including experimenting and torturing slaves and hiding the bodies in grooves between floors.

The sights and sounds of New Orleans are too numerous to mention here. But wonderful tidbits of history were gleaned on our carriage ride.

For instance: the buildings in the French Quarter aren’t French design. When ships sailed down the Mississippi, they were dismantled. The wood was then used to build the city. This weathered tinder became primed for fire. In the late 1700’s, New Orleans suffered through several fires, one finally burning down 80% of the French Quarter in 1788. By this time, Spaniards were in control of the area. With their finances at stake, they offered to rebuild New Orleans on one condition — Spanish architecture would be used. Single dwellings were combined so that all buildings touched, allowing for minimal air flow between the buildings. Each building was then built out of brick, not wood. And finally, beautiful iron balconies were added to flavor the city with visual splendor.

Interesting tip: Once ships sailed down the Mississippi, they had nowhere to go, thus the reason for dismantling the ships and using them to supply the city. Wood was scarce. What a ship also brought was human cargo, sailors with nowhere to go. These hardened men were a mean lot with a tendency to get bored, drink, whore, and cause trouble. Combined with mosquitoes arriving on board ships — harbingers of malaria, flooding, disease, privation, and a melting pot of cultural influence, here begins the essence for the spiritual density massed in New Orleans, aka… it’s haunted!

Next, I’ll be talking about my first foray into a vampire boutique. Stay tuned, me hearties!



Release Day ~ The Earl’s Enticement by Award Winning Author Collette Cameron!


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Huzzah and Hoorah! It’s Release Day for Award Winning Author ~ Lady Collette Cameron’s THE EARL’S ENTICEMENT!!! Join me and Jack as we raise the signal flag in salute!

TheEarlsEnticement3_8503rdThe Earl’s Enticement

She won’t be tamed.

A fiery, unconventional Scot, Adaira Ferguson wears breeches, swears, and has no more desire to marry than she does to follow society’s dictates of appropriate behavior. She trusts no man with the secret she desperately protects.

He can’t forget.

Haunted by his past, Roark, the Earl of Clarendon, rigidly adheres to propriety, holding himself and those around him to the highest standards, no matter the cost. Betrayed once, he’s guarded and leery of all women.

Mistaking Roark for a known spy, Adaira imprisons him. Infuriated, he vows vengeance. Realizing her error, she’s appalled and releases him, but he’s not satisfied with his freedom. Roark is determined to transform Adaira from an ill-mannered hoyden to a lady of refinement.

He succeeds only to discover, he preferred the free-spirited Scottish lass who first captured his heart.

The lovely and talented Collette Cameron be well-propertied!

Collette CameronAward winning, Amazon best-selling, and multi-published historical romance author, Collette Cameron, has a BS in Liberal Studies and a Master’s in Teaching.  A Pacific Northwest Native, Collette’s been married for thirty years, has three amazing adult children, and five dachshunds. Collette loves a good joke, inspirational quotes, flowers, the beach, trivia, birds, shabby chic, and Cadbury Chocolate. You’ll always find dogs, birds, quirky—sometimes naughty—humor, and a dash of inspiration in her novels. Her motto for life? You can’t have too much chocolate, too many hugs, or too many flowers. She’s thinking about adding shoes to that list.

Rendezvous with Collette at:

Website     Blue Rose Romance Blog   Twitter   Facebook

You can connect with Collette on Goodreads, LinkedIn, and Google+  too. Go to her website: Divine Encounters with Love for the links, her email address, and mailing address.

Get your hot off the press copy of THE EARL’S ENTICEMENT at AMAZON

~ Here be a teaser for ye all, an excerpt for your reading pleasure ~

Casting one last look over her shoulder, she opened the heavy door. She deftly nudged the bulky bundle onto the landing with her foot. With the buckets looped over one arm, she made quick work of lighting the lantern. Then, she shoved her way through the partially open doorway. Seldom used hinges squeaked and groaned in protest. She swallowed.

Had no one opened it since . . .?

Grimacing, she laid a shaky hand across her knotted middle. Possibly not.

She edged the thick wooden slab shut. It closed with a portentous thunk. One hand on the cold, stone wall for balance, she turned and peered into the blackness. The heavy air settled around her, its cool dampness thick and suffocating. For a moment, she couldn’t breathe. Adaira closed her eyes, fighting to draw air into her lungs.

The lamp sputtered and hissed. Her eyes flew open. Her heart thudded loudly in her ears.

Please, don’t go out.

The flickering stopped. The weak flame leaped to life. The orangey-red fought against its glass constraints before yielding to the inevitable. Adaira’s nose twitched at the acrid smell of burning oil.

She’d not be surprised if bats weren’t hanging by their horrid little curled toes on the beams far above her head. She cast a hurried glance upward. Nothing. Thank God. Rats and mice she tolerated. But bats? No. Not since she’d hidden in a cave when she was eight and disturbed a colony of the little flying devils.

Her gaze raked the stairwell once more. Blast, but it was black as the Earl of Hell’s waistcoat.

There was a time when the darkness hadn’t bothered her. Back then, she used to visit the lower chambers regularly. Well, truth to tell, she’d sneaked into them to avoid her lessons from the time she was twelve until four years ago.

Make sure to get your copy of Award Winning Author Lady Collette Cameron’s THE EARL’S ENTICEMENT today, me hearties! My Kindle has got one hot off the press and I’m off to enjoy the sea air and get started on Collette’s adventure!



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