Face the Grizzly!


Jack has a way of escaping trouble, sometimes without drinkin’ any rum. He’s a genius, plain and simple. But there are times when all he can do or does is run.

Have you been afraid to face your fears?


I’ve never been a fan of the horrifying bear tales I’ve heard about Alaska. But recently, I had the opportunity to visit my son there. Find out all about my trip and how I faced my fears at Author Collette Cameron’s port today: Shivers? Shakes? Nightmares? What Are You Afraid Of? http://collettecameron.com/2015/09/shivers-shakes-nightmares-what-are-you-afraid-of/

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Release Day! Jack Interviews Drajulal-kishah from Alienne Mine by Deborah O’Neill Cordes!


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Grog Filled HourARR! Jack was promised rum if he interviewed FABulous Author Deborah O’Neill Cordes today. In lieu of answerin’ Jack’s questions however, Lady Deborah opted to feature Drajulal-kishah, the heroine of her new sci-fi tale, Alienne Mine, a Prequel to Dragon Dawn, to help raise the signal flag for her latest release! Double ARR!!!

Jack saunters across the quarterdeck with his usual swaggerin’, swashbucklin’ genius. Eyes wide, fingers wigglin’, he spies Alienne, takes a cautious step backwards, then manages a quick glance at his hand to be sure ol’ Davy Jones hasn’t cursed him with the black spot again.

“Well, that be a boon.”

Before him stands a woman unlike any mermaids or wenches he’s ever seen. At five foot ten inches tall, her face is devoid of the pox but similar to stunning women of his previous acquaintance. He wipes his eyes to be sure Tia Dalma hasn’t drugged him and then reopens them. Aye, the girl IS blue-green with glittering scales. Even stranger, she wears a silver trouser and shirt design unlike any known to wenches in his circle. While her rainbow-hued silken dreadlocks are a pleasant enough sight, somewhat similar to his own, her turquoise eyes and square pupils pin him to the deck.

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Sail the Seven Seas With Best-Selling Author Katherine Bone

Katherine Bone:

Ahoy, me hearties! The lovely Author Patricia Kiyono interviewed me today! One lucky commenter will win an ecopy of Duke by Day, Rogue by Night. Stop by, won’t ye? ARR!!!

Originally posted on Four Foxes, One Hound:

This week we are opening the blog to guest posts, interviews and/or reviews. Katherine is the author of the best-selling Duke by Day, Rogue by Night and several sequels. She also happens to have one of the most rabid fan clubs I’ve ever witnessed! I thought it would be fun to learn more about Captain Bone, as she is called by her loyal crew. To give you a little background about Katherine, she tells us she has been passionate about history since she had the opportunity to travel to various Army bases, castles, battlegrounds, and cathedrals as an Army brat turned Officer’s Wife. Now she lives in the south (southern United States) where she writes about Rogues, Rebels and Rakes, aka Pirates, Lords, Captains, Duty, Honor, and Country and the happily ever afters every alpha male and damsel deserve.

Without further ado, may I present…Captain Katherine Bone!


ARRR!!! And ahoy…

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Give a Man a Good Ship & He Can Do Great Things!


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Admiral Nelson 2

Ahoy, me hearties! As you all know my passion for Admiral Nelson runs deep. After years of researching the man, his life, his passions, and the ship that propelled him to infamy, I still hunger for more. As a result, he is the heart of my Nelson’s Tea Series.


While I’m finishing up the last full-length book, THE ROGUE’S SURRENDER, I’m still digging into Nelson’s past. Never a dull moment. I can’t explain it but there it is. So imagine my delight when Lady Catherine Curzon had an opening on her blog, A Covent Garden’s Gilfurt’s Guide to Life. Huzzah!!! I jumped at the chance to write about one of the greatest tactical minds in naval history.

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Release Day! Jack Interviews Swashbuckling Author of Honor Among Thieves ~ J.M. AUCOIN!


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article-2420767-15A9308B000005DC-446_306x423Captain Jack Sparrow knows the importance of honing swashbucklin’ skills. Livin’ off the seas isn’t easy after all. There ARR plenty of obstacles in a pirate’s path. Marooning, keelhauling, undead monkeys, curses, the Kraken, Davy Jones’ Locker, and greedy pirates pillagin’ and plunderin’ their weasely guts out ARR problematic. So if more swashbuckle be needed, who you gonna call?

Katherine: “There be one with the knack — Captain Jake Hawking.”

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Here is my interview with Katherine Bone

Katherine Bone:

Ahoy, me hearties! Havin’ a bit of adventure over at Authors Interviews with Lady Fiona today. Offering a giveaway too. Don’t miss this!

Originally posted on authorsinterviews:


Name:  Katherine Bone

Age: Old enough to drink rum and carouse with Captain Jack himself in Tortuga! ;)

Where are you from:

As an Army brat, I lived all over the world, including Germany, Japan and back to Germany again as a teenager. As an Army wife, I lived in Italy and Germany, including all over the US. There is something FANtastical about walking along castle ramparts, treading the very ground where the Renaissance took place. I felt the connection even as a young 12 year old standing in Heidelberg Castle.

Fiona: Tell us your latest news?

I’d love to tell you about my latest release, the 2nd novella in my Nelson’s Tea Series, My Lady Rogue (March 2015)

Everything Simon and Gillian have done has led to this moment… Will it be too late?

Baroness Gillian Chauncey thought she’d seen everything during her years of devotion to England…

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Katherine’s Podcast Interview at Indy Film Wisconsin’s Writer Wednesday!


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Just back from a wonderful beach vacation at Gulf Shores, AL! I adore it when my family can all get together. Only two things could have made our vacation better, my oldest son and his crew being able to join us from Japan and a bit more sunshine. (Out of a week of overcast skies, we only had two good days of sun. Boo!) But I’m not complaining. No. Just being together made all the difference.

Adding further enjoyment, there were no undead monkey sightings. Woot!!!

I’ll post some pictures in the coming days.

In the meantime, I’m extremely honored to announce I was a featured guest on Wayne Clingman’s podcast show Indy Film Wisconsin Writer Wednesday today. Yeeaauuss!!! Thank you, Pirate Wayne, for being such an awesome host!

If you’re interested in my take on writing, why I write historical romance, and my thoughts about the process, you can find my podcast at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/icflm/2015/06/03/katherine-bone-pirate-and-writer

Until next time, I wish you fair skies and glorious adventures!




Pirate Wayne Interviews Katherine on Blog Talk Radio!


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Ahoy, me hearties! I just sailed in from a wonderful adventure on the high seas with the Root River Pirate himself, Pirate Wayne, on Blog Talk Radio. Wayne asked me to be his very first guest today and I’m so glad I agreed. I had a mARRvelous time chattin’ about my books and pirates, writing and well…. pirates. You couldn’t meet a more agreeable author, if you dared. ;)

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The Royal Princess of Cambridge ~ Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!


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AVAST and here Ye! Here Ye! The Princess of Cambridge has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana! Huzzah and Hoorah! Lovely legacy for Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandchild and Princess Diana’s first granddaughter and a wonderful choice for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

I must admit I’m confused however. References are being made that Charlotte has been chosen in honor of Prince Charles. Hasn’t anyone in the media made the connection between the names George and Charlotte? Or am I just a Regency Romance author who gets jazzed about history coming to life? *grin*

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Brain Boosters for Writers!


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I’ve been doing a lot of pondering lately about my life and how much time I spend at the computer or writing in one of my book bibles. So many stories to write, so little time seems to be my mantra these days. Black Sails just ended. (Major bummer! Shout out #BlkSailsBrethren!) Outlander is back on. (Yeeaauuss!) I’ve discovered the new Daredevil series on Netflix. (OMG!!! So addictive!) I’ve got several DVDs on sailing ships, the Captain Horatio Hornblower Series with Ioan Gruffald (Swoon!) and several others to watch. Bitten is back!!! (Love Clay!) Penny Dreadful is returning. (Who doesn’t want to find out more about Josh Hartnet’s character?) And of course, there are several great shows I like to watch on t.v. It’s so hard to stay focused, especially with so many media outlets vying to capture my attention online and off. I love it all!

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