The Art of Self-Defense by Katherine Bone via Historical Hussies!


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Ahoy, me hearties! I’m blogging at Historical Hussies today about The Art of Self-Defense in the 19th Century and the book I’ve researched to help me better understand terminology used during that period.


Katherine, here! I’ve been researching historical forms of self-defense for my September 7th release, The Mercenary Pirate. My hero is inspired by Wolverine as part of The Heart of a Hero Series. To create more riveting and historically correct fight scenes, I decided to learn more about language and terms of the times, hand-to-hand fighting techniques, and how women protected themselves in the 19th Century. (My heroine is a combination of Storm and Rogue for this series, which reimagines superheroes in the Regency era! And I’d like to mention that the first book in the series is absolutely FREE!)

Join me at Historical Hussies, won’t you, as I share the BEST four books I’ve found on the subject with you.

Wishing ye fare winds,


#ReleaseDay ~ The Pirate’s Duty, The Regent’s Revenge Book #3 by Katherine Bone!

Huzzah and Hoorah! It’s release day, me hearties! Climb aboard, I’ve got an exciting adventure lined up for you as the third story in my Regent’s Revenge Series finally sails the seas.


Haven’t read the first book in the series? Grab your complimentary copy of Book 1, The Pirate’s Duchess, here!

In The Pirate’s Duty my heroine, Oriana Thorpe, is a tavern keeper and a Cornish lass trying to distance herself from her family’s smuggling legacy. She ferments her own ale, salts her own pilchards, and runs her family’s tavern, The Marauder’s Roost, seeking to stand on her own two feet while making amends for her family’s sins.  But one thing threatens her new-found independence—her brother Charles and his legacy as Captain Carnage.

What readers are saying!

 “THE PIRATE’S DUTY is a charming romance, the story is solid and compelling, and the ending is fabulous!”

“An engrossing novel that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions with pirates, revenge & of course romance.”

“An intriguing and swashbuckling story. You will fall in love with the characters, especially the heroine. Lots of fun and a lovely romance. It is part of a series but easily read as a stand alone.”


THEPIRATE'SDUTYFINAL2600x912He lost everything . . . but his duty to her brought him back to life.

Innkeeper Oriana Thorpe is a smuggler’s daughter who has been hardened by a legacy she cannot escape. She has risked everything, including her safety, in her attempts to break free, going so far as to challenge her evil pirate brother, Charles, in order to save a lady and her maid from his wrath. Determined to atone for his villainy, Oriana distributes the blood money he left behind to widows and orphans living nearby. But when threatening letters promising retribution begin to arrive from Charles, she suspects one or more of her customers may be her despicable brother’s spies. Yet one haunted man promises to protect her, and she finds herself taking the greatest risk of all—falling in love.

Captain Pierce Walsingham should have died when his ship was destroyed by the notorious smuggler Captain Carnage. Instead, Pierce was pulled from the water by the Robin Hood of Cornwall, a pirate known only as the Black Regent. In gratitude, Pierce accepts the Regent’s offer to take over the man’s role, allowing his name to be added to the list of the dead and vowing to protect the beautiful innkeeper who saved his sister Chloe’s life. Unfortunately, Oriana is also Carnage’s next of kin, and the smuggler has sworn vengeance against her and Chloe.

While there is no cause dearer to Pierce’s heart than stopping Carnage, the task won’t be easy. Strategic allegiances have replenished his enemy’s power at sea, and he’s moving ever closer to enacting his revenge. Now Pierce must find a way to defeat Carnage, all while fighting his desire for the resilient woman who fiercely defends her roost.

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 ~ Excerpt ~

Miss Thorpe’s stillness gave Walsingham pause. She didn’t trust him, as well she shouldn’t.

I am going to betray her.

Those six words ate away at his gut as he gazed down at her glorious hair, fisting his hands to keep from touching her, spinning her around to face him, and taking her into his arms.

Oriana Thorpe was a desirable woman. He was uncertain what else she truly was, however. Girard and O’Malley claimed she was trustworthy, and the threatening letters she had received proved Carnage had a vendetta against her. And yet, if she was innocent, why hadn’t she turned in her brother’s gold? Girard and O’Malley didn’t know where it was, though they suspected it was in the cellar. If Miss Thorpe wasn’t involved, she’d be the only member of the family who hadn’t joined free trade. What were the odds? Or was she simply a brilliant actress? Marauders were content to wait out their enemies in order to succeed. Was it possible she was luring them all into a trap?

Therein lay the challenge. Miss Thorpe’s beauty had become an ensnaring temptation he was finding hard to resist. Her stubbornness matched his, and in her eyes, there were instances where unbridled passion leaped from their depths, yearning—no, begging—to be satisfied.

She had a habit of reining in her emotions, except when she spoke of saving young orphans from a life of misery. That wasn’t the kind of woman who’d lure men to their deaths.

“What are ye doing, Mr. Hunt?” she asked.

Jolted from his musings, Walsingham decided to tell the truth. “I’m looking at you, Miss.”

She dropped the curtain, her hand shaking slightly. “Why?”

He couldn’t be sure if anyone in her family, aside from Charles, had ever dealt with Captain Pierce Walsingham, or for that matter, anyone who frequented the tavern. If they had, he couldn’t trust her too soon.

“Do you really want to know?” He was playing a dangerous game, and he knew it. But he couldn’t seem to help himself when he was near her.


The longcase clock sounded in the hall. Ding. Ding.

She tilted her face upward to look at him, her gaze locking with his.

“You’re a vision, Miss.”

He would count himself lucky to claim such a woman, but not as long as Miss Thorpe or Carnage had the power to commit an unspeakable act that would seal the Regent’s fate . . . He didn’t intend to be the Regent forever. He already had an idea of who his successor might be, should the man agree. But he couldn’t retire the mask until he prevented Carnage from coming for Chloe. She ran an orphanage of her own. He couldn’t risk innocent lives, not even at the detriment of his own happiness.

The world thought Captain Pierce Walsingham was dead, but in the candlelight, in Miss Thorpe’s eyes, he saw the man he wanted to be, a man who was blessedly alive.

He narrowed the space between them, and she splayed her hand over his heart. “Don’t come any closer,” she said softly.

“I won’t. Unless you ask me to.” He laid his left hand over hers, pressing ever so slightly to ensure she knew his heart beat as rapidly as hers did.

She glanced down at his hand before raising her gaze to his. “You’re as solid as stone.”

Pleased with her praise, he chuckled. “I’m not made of granite, Miss. I’m flesh and blood, a man with needs and desires. Do not doubt it.”

She focused on his chin, avoiding his gaze.

He stroked her cheek and then lowered his finger to her chin, tilting her head back, forcing her to look into his eyes. “And you’re a beautiful, desirable woman. Why aren’t you married?”

Her green eyes sparked, boring into him. “I am well aware of what men desire and I do not need a man to survive.”

“But what do you desire?”

“I . . .” Her breath hitched. “I’m not in the habit of touching men who come to my inn.” She tried to remove her hand from his chest, but he held it steady.

“Don’t,” he said.

She bit her lip, drawing his attention to her mouth. “This isn’t proper.”

“That depends on who you ask.” She wanted him, he could tell, but she was too proud to admit it. By all that was holy, he would never pressure a woman to do anything she didn’t want to do, no matter from what echelon of society she hailed. He wasn’t that sort of man. “May I speak freely?”

“Of course,” she said. “It appears I’m your captive audience.”

“I’ve been drawn to you from the moment I walked into your inn.”

Her throat bobbed gently as she swallowed. “And I ye.”

Her green eyes radiated unequaled strength, a steely reserve that drove her to betray her own flesh and blood to save a stranger—his sister. Was that what motivated him? A need to show her his gratitude? Or was it something more, something deeper, instantaneous, the type of attraction that gripped a man by the heart and never let go?

Who could blame him? She’d worked tirelessly to operate an inn where men continued to exploit her femininity. She was a true Cornish woman who had joined forces with the church and the Seatons to support those without resources, those who could not care for themselves, extolling praises for the Regent . . . Or in essence, for him!

“I’ve dreamed of kissing you,” he admitted.

“Ye have?”


A growl escaped his throat as he bent to taste her lips. But just before their mouths made contact, the latch on the door shifted loudly. Dredging up strength he didn’t know he possessed, he dropped Miss Thorpe’s hand and stepped over to one of the tables. Once there, he made quick work of appearing as if he had been rearranging the chairs.

Miss Thorpe, in all her decadent allure, bent to rearrange lavender several tables away, the quick ruse perfection as Jarvis walked in, followed by Girard and O’Malley.

“All is well in the barn, Miss,” Girard said, stopping cold and causing O’Malley to walk into him. “Miss, are ye unwell? Your face is as red as a brandy bottle.”

If you had an evil brother like Oriana Thorpe, where would you hide?

#ReleaseDay for Cutlass by T.M. Franklin! @TM_Franklin


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Ready for a new swashbuckling pirate romance read? Here’s one HOT off the galley stove by author T.M. Franklin’s Cutlass! Enjoy!


A quest for vengeance.
A high-stakes treasure hunt.
An attraction they both try to deny.

Convinced One-Eyed Jack Tremayne killed her father and stole his prized cutlass, Sarina Talbot sneaks aboard the pirate’s ship to exact her revenge. To her surprise, she’s met by a declaration of innocence and an offer of help. She doesn’t trust him, and he doesn’t trust anybody. But they need each other to catch the killer and beat their enemies to a hidden cache of Aztec gold.

They’re not the only treasure-seekers, however, and there’s a traitor in their midst.

Caught between Crown ships and enemy pirates, Sarina and Jack discover a prize greater than gold as their uneasy alliance leads them on the adventure of a lifetime.

Get your copy today!

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Georgian and Regency Dogs by Katherine Bone via Embracing Romance!


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Katherine here! I’ve been researching Georgian and Regency dogs for my September 7th book, The Mercenary Pirate, Heart of a Hero Series Book #10. In the book, my heroine’s father seeks admission to the ton through the advantageous marriages of his two children. Mr. Herding is a middle-aged man doing everything he can to live a gentile and luxurious life in Cornwall’s mining district. Life is hard there, a daunting trial for a mineral lord who has acquired financial wealth and has no way to flaunt it before his aristocratic counterparts. New money doesn’t award him social status.

So what does a self-made man living in the Georgian and Regency eras need on hand to attract lofty persons to his estate? He needs a great house, fashionable clothes, excellent liquor, and the ability to provide entertainment. Mr. Herding has all of those things, especially an excellent breed of hunting dog.

Hunting as well as attending dog fights was a popular activity in the Georgian and Regency eras.

The rest of my post is at Embracing Romance.

#ReleaseDay ~ A Deadly Passion and The Kings of Georgian Britain by Catherine Curzon!


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In the 1700s, a scandal erupted in the royal palaces of Denmark that began behind closed bedroom doors and ended in imprisonment and execution and upheaval when a love affair between a neglected wife and an ambitious doctor hurtled headlong into a political coup. It is far from a fairy tale and for the players in this story, there was to be no happily ever after.

Caroline Matilda by Francis CotesThe story began when Caroline Matilda of Great Britain, the youngest child of Frederick, Prince of Wales, and Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, became betrothed to her cousin, King Christian VII of Denmark. Caroline had been raised in seclusion, a world away from the formal manners and customs of the court and she had little interest in royal life, preferring to devote herself to nature and equestrian pursuits.

Christian VII by Alexander RoslinCaroline Matilda’s quiet days ended at the age of 15 when the very reluctant princess traveled to Copenhagen to become Christian’s wife. Two years her senior and less than twelve months into his reign, Christian already enjoyed an eccentric reputation, though the full extent of his mental illness had yet to show itself. They were married at the Christiansborg Palace on 9 November 1766, and Caroline already found herself in a situation for which she was ill-prepared. Continue reading

Pirate Language in Georgian, England via Historical Hussies!


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I’m blogging at Historical Hussies today!

Writing historical romance is a gratifying experience that can oftentimes be difficult too. An author makes choices that help modern readers understand the way people spoke in historical times, but must also season the story with historical words that transport readers to that era. Which words to use and when to use them? Well… that’s a talent every writer must master. Fortunately, several books are available to help authors achieve storyline Zen.

the-pirate-primerMy go-to book for pirate jargon has always been THE PIRATE PRIMER by George Choundas. A fascinating book! A dash of ‘You’re wasting words’ and a smidgeon of ‘What maggot’s burrowing under your periwig?’ goes a long way. (Pirate!)

Most Regency authors tackle stories of the upper crust. Who doesn’t love daring and dashing dukes, marquises, or earls who champion the day? Even historical aristocrats spoke in gentleman’s code. Several of my favorites include ‘Banbury stories’ (falsehoods), ‘befogged’ (confused), ‘dicked in the nob’ (crazy), and ‘land a facer’ (punch in the face).

Read the rest of this great list of Georgian and pirate cant at Historical Hussies!

Wellington’s Spies via Katherine Bone and Embracing Romance!


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While researching my next book, THE MERCENARY PIRATE, I came across interesting facts about espionage and the Duke of Wellington. The iron duke was dependent on intelligence officers to be ‘the eyes and ears of the army’ (Wellington’s Spies by Mary McGrigor) at times when Wellington himself questioned the state of his drunken, disorderly military.

At the height of Wellington’s success, which earned him accolades and notable titles, three cunning spies rose above everyone else: Scotsman Andrew Leith-Hay, humorous, perceptive, and detailed; Scotsman Colquhoun Grant, a clever master of disguise; and nobleman Charles Cocks, who zealously sought acclaim and rank under dangerous conditions.

To read more, visit Embracing Romance.

My Heroes Always Come Home

Here’s part of my writing journey, me hearties!

Penned By Candlelight

by Katherine Bone

Ahoy, me hearties! When I was a young officer’s wife and my husband was frequently away on duty, I turned to books to escape. At the time, I had two young children below thkatherine bonee age of two years old and we were living overseas in Italy and Germany (a total four and a half years), far away from family and friends. Books were my mainstay, companionship in times of trouble, and provided adventure far outside of the loneliness I experienced every day.

To stay sane, I devoured romance novels by Kathleen Woodiwiss, Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey, Elizabeth Lowell, Rosemary Rogers, and Fern Michaels. Their books led me to historical places where life was gritty and hard, but love ALWAYS won the day. Something I prayed would happen when my husband was serving our country and there were times I feared I would never see him again.

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Untying the Knot, Historically Speaking and #NewRelease from Collette Cameron!


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TheDivorceBestselling, Award-winning author Collette Cameron sails into port with a post about marriage and divorce. More importantly, she’s sharing her new release, PASSION AND PLUNDER! Huzzah and Hoorah!

Take it away, Lady Collette!

My most recent book had me digging into Scottish archives and researching the history of divorce in Scotland. Though it’s true, divorces were somewhat easier to achieve in Scotland than in England, where they were almost impossible to obtain, the process wasn’t so simple or all that common. Continue reading

#NewRelease Romance on the High Seas ~ Seven Swashbuckling Pirate Romances!


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Romance on the High Seas! 2Ahoy, me hearties! ‘Tis the day o’ all days… seven swashbuckling romances are here in one thrilling and epic box set. Did you pre-order your copy? If so, grab the rum, put your boots up, and enjoy!

If not, grab your copy today. Romance on the High Seas is available for only $.99The Pirate’s Debt, the second book in my Regent’s Revenge Series, is my contribution to the set, along with six other pirate romance books by NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Danelle Harmon, USA Today Bestselling Authors Barbara Devlin and Amanda Mariel, Chloe Flowers, Jennifer Bray-Weber, and Kamery Solomon! Continue reading