#FallBackInTime Today!


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Screenshot_2015-11-01-11-33-58-1What books led you to historical romance? Who ARR your favorite authors? Share your photo/selfie with your favorite book today via twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram. Let’s get the world talking about historical romance, eh?  Join authors and readers all over the world in an epic celebration of historical romance.

You can find us by following the hashtag #FallBackInTime or #WhyIReadHistoricals or #WhyIWriteHistoricals.You can also share in the fun by following via Twitter (@HistRomNet) and on Facebook at the Historical Romance Network.

Enjoy the adventure!


‘Tis the Night to Pillage & Plunder, Me Hearties!


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2015 Happy HalloweenHappy Halloween!!!

ARR!!! Steer clear of the rocks, me hearties! Make room for candy and rum. Huzzah!!! ‘Tis the day to pillage and plunder, experiencing all manner of fun.

Wishing ye a bag full of chocolate doubloons,


Fall Back In Time Event with Historical Romance ~ November 1st!


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BooksLove to read historical romance? Why not participate in the 2nd Annual Social Media Event #FallBackInTime on Sunday, November 1st, eh?

How do you play? It’s easy, me hearties! All you have to do is take a picture of yourself, your dog, cat, etc… holding one of your favorite historical romances and then post that on your social media accounts, including the hashtag #FallBackInTime or #WhyIReadHistoricalRomance. (Of course, I’d be flattered if you picked one of my books (Pirate!), but the important thing is celebratin’ historical romance of any era by the talented authors who enjoy creating stories readers have grown to love.)

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Riding Habits of the 19th Century

Every wonder what to wear on a horseback riding expedition in the early 1800s? Here’s a great post just for you! Well done, Lady Mimi Matthews!

Source: Riding Habits of the 19th Century

Cap’n’s Next Port O’ Call: The Duke’s Christmas Party!


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The Duke's Christmas FB Party Nov3The powerful Duke of Danby is at it again, me hearties! 1816 was the year without a summer, but what a Christmas it will be when His Grace finally turns his matchmaking machinations to distant branches of the Whitton family tree. Yo Ho!!!

Join Authors Ava Stone, Lily George, Rose Gordon, Aileen Fish, Claudia Dain, Jane Charles, Deb Marlowe, Marie Higgins, and Jerrica Knight-Catania for a holiday celebration that you’ll never forget at The Duke’s Christmas Party on Facebook, November 3, 2015, from 4 p.m.-9:40 p.m. (EST)!

I’ll be sailin’ in with me own brand of swashbucklin’ shenanigans and Christmas treasure at 8:20 p.m. (EST)!

Jack with Rum


“Will there be rum, luv?”

“We never leave home without it, Jack.” Saucy wink.

Happy with Katherine’s answer, Jack saunters over. “Then don’t hold back. Pray, tell me more.”

To celebrate their upcoming release of the new Duke of Danby’s Christmas Collections, the authors of this wonderful set are offering some super fun giveaways in time for the holidays!!! Yeeaauuss! That’s spectaculARR treasure to them what knows!

FB Giveaway Meme for The Duke's Christmas

Available HERE:

Amazon    B&N    Kobo   Apple

Each time a pre-order goal is reached, they will randomly draw the name of a prize winner. All you have to do to be eligible to win is enter your name and email it to: http://goo.gl/forms/ZcXQnlkHSG (No purchase necessary!)

I hope to see you at The Duke’s Christmas Party on Facebook. And I wish you the best of luck in this FABulous treasure hunt!



Top Ten Tuesday – Duos

What a FANtastic honor to be included in the Top Ten Tuesday weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish over at Kilts and Swords today!!! Imagine me and Author Elizabeth Cole combining pirates and mysteries, eh? Epic adventure, to be sure!

Source: Top Ten Tuesday – Duos

I hope you’ll check out this FABulous post, me hearties!

Wishing you following winds!


11 of the Fiercest Real-Life Pirates That Ever Sailed!


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Charles Vane

Oh there be a FABulous post for ye, me hearties! Ever wanted to know who the 11 Fiercest Pirates ever born were? I don’t know if these men were the fiercest but I do know several of them rate the cruelest in history.

Special thanks to Lady Janene for bringing this to my attention! Woot!!! Love this post and had to share it with you here.

11 of the Fiercest Pirates Real-Life Pirates And The Seas They Ruled from mental_floss

Black Bart Roberts

Stop back by and tell me what you think, eh?



Sailin’ to Author Margaret Locke’s #WriterWednesday!


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FABulously talented and witty Margaret Locke, author of  A Man of Character, invited me to her blog #WriterWednesday today! Huzzah!!! Stop by and see how I answered her questions, won’t you? (She speaks wickedly good pirate!)

Lady Margaret posted a blurb from The Pirate’s Duchess, Regent’s Revenge Series Novella, my contribution to Once Upon a True Love’s Kiss Anthology, available for preorder now!

Writer Wednesday with Author Margaret Locke

Wishing ye all a Happy Hump Day!!! Enjoy!



Congrats to the Winner of Alienne Mine!!!


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fireworks 4Congratulations to Lady Liette for winning an ecopy of Deborah O’Neill Cordes’ latest release Alienne Mine!!! Huzzah and Hoorah!!!


My apologies for not announcing Lady Deborah’s winner sooner, Lady Liette. I got caught up in a very tight editing schedule and didn’t realize I’d let this slip. Guess you could say, it’s keelhaulin’ time for me, eh? I’ll settle for a a jug of rum… LOL!!!

The Romance Review

Why rum, you ask? I just got the greatest news, me hearties! Two of my books have been sent to the final round in The Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice Awards ~ Winter 2015!!! This is a first time my books have finaled in a contest. I’m on cloud nine! Woot!!!

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The TRR Readers’ Choice Awards!


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captain-jack-sparrow“Sink and scuttle me, three of Katherine’s books ARR eligible for the TRR Readers’ Choice Awards!”

Flails hands… “That’s beauty booty, if ye ask me. What? You didn’t?” Shifts eyes. “O’ course, ye did. Everyone wants a prize.”


ParrotCue parrot: “Mind your eyes. Mind your eyes.”

Adjusts effects. “Now, here be the code to help make Katherine’s dreams come true. Each book must garner at least 50 nominations to qualify for the next and final round from you. The deadline ends September 30 so don’t belay that.”

Cue parrot: “Help the booty.”

“That’s beauty. Help the beauty win said booty. How many times do we have to rehearse this?” Shakes head. “I have it on good authority, Katherine is overjoyed with this, her first ever nomination.” Leans close. “There may be rum in it for me—I mean you and me. Now,” straightens then takes a swig and offers a dram to said parrot, “mind your talons and click on the links below, if you dare. A vote for Katherine’s books will show that you care.”

Writing action/adventure/romance stories staring pirates + readers who truly care = priceless!

Huzzah and Hoorah!!! Thank you for your continued support and friendship, me hearties!!!



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