Historical Romance #Giveaway ~ Win 6 Books!


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Woo-hoo! To celebrate Author Maggi Andersen‘s latest regency series, THE SPIES OF MAYFAIR, six award winning and bestselling authors from Embracing Romance have joined together to offer a special #GIVEAWAY.



Don’t miss the chance to win books by these historical romance authors:



BRETON WOLFE by Victoria Vane

A NIGHT OF FOREVER by Bronwen Evans

THE RAKE’S IRISH LADY by Barbara Monajem

THE PIRATE’S DEBT by Katherine Bone


Yes, that’s right! The second book in my Regent’s Revenge Series, THE PIRATE’S DEBT, is included in this FABulous 6 book Historical Romance Giveaway. Huzzah and Hoorah!!!

To enter, click here.

Leave a comment, from now until midnight ET on Tuesday, November 1st, 2016.

One lucky winner of all 6 books will be selected at random and announced on November 2nd, 2016. 

Good luck, me hearties!!!

#RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange ~ The Grand Canyon and Author Tina Gayle!


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grandcanyonBeing part of the #RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange has been a blast! Getting to know more about each contributing author and discovering the books they’ve written has been an even greater thrill. But today, I can honestly say I’m jazzed to be joined by the brainchild of this FANtastic event. Gather round, me hearties, and give a round of applause to Author Tina Gayle!!!

Take it away, m’lady!😉

One of my favorite romantic trips is to Vegas. We had plenty of time to shop, people watch and visit the sites. Also what topped the trip off was taking a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. Having never been up in a helicopter before this alone was a treat. The trip to the canyon and back was awesome too.

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#Sweepstakes for Over 50 Romances ~ Enter 10/10/16-10/17/16!


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Ahoy, me hearties! Today, I have a fun surprise to share with you. Huzzah!!!

To celebrate the beginning of fall, I’ve teamed up with more than 50 FANtastic regency romance authors to give away a huge collection of novels, PLUS a Kindle Fire to one lucky winner!

You can win my novel THE PIRATE’S DEBT, plus books from authors like K.J. JacksonSophie BarnesJulia JustissAlanna Lucas, and Lauren Royal, to name just a few.


Check out the bounty below!




Enter the #Sweepstakes #giveaway by clicking HERE!


Good luck, and enjoy!



#RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange ~ Author JM Maurer’s SEEKING LOVE is #FREE Today!


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Author Tina Gayle‘s #RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange continues with my next guest, JM Maurer! So raise your tankards high, me hearties, and let’s give Lady JM a heartwarming welcome! Huzzah!!!

fullsizerender1It has been far too long since my last visit to Paris, but I can still say that I love France!

My romantic travel picture is a photo of a painting I did. I am not a painter, but with the encouragement of a couple glasses of wine, I tried my best. La Ville Lumière will always be one of my favorite romantic spots.

Katherine: Wow! I went to art school and this painting is amazeballz! First, you ARR a painter! Look how you captured light within this piece! What a wonderful keepsake you’ll always be able to cherish and a FANtastic way to remember your FAVorite romantic escape destination!


51iw-dc4m8lIn the Emerging From Darkness Trilogy, we meet Jessica Winters. She is determined to dig her way out from under the dark clouds of depression and once again find the light of life, love, and happiness. With help from Dr. Matthew Moi, a psychiatrist/sex therapist who has been secretly in love with her for years, she finds herself living again. But with someone out to get Jessica, Matthew pledges to stop at nothing to protect the love of his life. In time, he seizes an opportunity for a safe haven at his family home in France. With their wedding on the horizon, will he get Jess to safety in time? Will things end tragically, or will their journey to The City of Light be more than romantic?

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Christmas Book Blitz ~ Love, Christmas and Rafflecopter #Giveaway!


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Love, Christmas Boxed Set
Publication date: October 1st 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance

♫♪Put a song in your heart with 20 all-new Christmas Romances from NY Times, USA Today, and national best-selling authors. Each brand-new title is inspired by a Christmas carol and will lift your spirits and bring on the holiday cheer.♫♪

We Need a Little Christmas by Leanne Banks – Can a handsome cynic become a Christmas believer?

Frosty the Snowman by Mimi Barbour – Stranded in an Alaskan snowstorm, strangers Hali and Terry are forced to rely on each other for survival.

Last Christmas by Joan Reeves – Annabelle gave him her heart, but Rick threw it away. He wants redemption, she wants revenge.

Holly Jolly Christmas by Mona Risk – Pregnant at 18. Adoption would save the baby’s future but may cost her the man she loves.

Do You Hear What I Hear? by Patricia Rosemoor – Live-in-lovers Shelley and Jake are now in a cold war of their own over Christmas.

White Christmas by Rebecca York – Was she in a coma, or was she in a Christmas fantasy?

So This is Christmas by Denise Devine – He was her child nemesis, now he’s her best friend forever.

Grown Up Christmas List by Donna Fasano – All she wants for Christmas is to feel safe… then she meets her guardian angel.

Blue Christmas by the Sea by Traci Hall – Alone for Christmas, Tamsyn helps mystery writer Evan find his mojo–love is a gift neither can refuse.

Santa Baby by Taylor Lee – Lily’s only hope was that this time, he wouldn’t be able to find her.

Let It Snow by Stephanie Queen – A stranger and a snow storm on Christmas Eve create the ultimate test for Dane & Shana.

Merry, Did You Know? by Jennifer St. Giles – Can a Christmas Miracle change the future of a woman who doesn’t believe in love and a man who can’t love again?

O Christmas Tree by Alicia Street – Can Piper convince Cody to let go of his painful past and embrace the hope of Christmas and possibly love?

Sleigh Ride by Katy Walters – Miss Sophia Vale faces poverty. Enter the Earl of Breconbridge, renowned as a rake hell with a conscience.

Deck the Hearts by Rachelle Ayala – Can Holly’s jolly Christmas spirit help Grinch Gordon Gills save the town of Christmas Creek?

Silver Bells by Jacquie Biggar – Can a Christmas wish bring two stubborn souls together and give a little girl the gift she wants?

Hark the Herald Angel Falls by Michele Hauf – To earn her halo, angel Merit must convince the person who holds her earthly soul in limbo–her husband–to stop loving her.

Little Drummer Boy by Dani Haviland – How could a mere drummer boy help those stranded in the worst winter storm of the 18th century?

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Nancy Radke – When former a former Navy SEAL plucks a woman from the Mediterranean Sea, he discovers a fighter tougher than he.

Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Cynthia Cooke – A big city girl reunites with a small town boy–magic. A Santa in need of an elf–Christmas magic.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo





GIVEAWAY includes!

  • Five (5) $20 Amazon Gift Cards from Authors’ Billboard
  • Kindle Fire (US Only) from Leanne Banks
  • Paperback copy of SHE’S NOT YOU from Mimi Barbou
  • A beautiful Journal from Joan Reeves
  • Paperback copies of CHRISTMAS BABIES and CHRISTMAS PAPA from Mona Risk
  • A CD of Christmas Carols that includes ’Do You Hear What I Hear?’” (US only) from Patricia Rosemoor
  • A cool Wolf and Moon T-shirt (US only) from Rebecca York
  • Print copy of MERRY CHRISTMAS, DARLING from Denise Devine
  • Prize Pack – Signed copies of AMBROSIA BY THE SEA & PUPPY LOVE BY THE SEA from Traci Hall
  • Paperback copy of AN ALMOST PERFECT CHRISTMAS from Donna Fasano
  • Paperback copy of PLAYING WITH FIRE from Taylor Lee
  • Necklace and earrings gift set from Stephanie Queen
  • Gift package of FOUR books to one lucky winner from Jennifer St. Giles
  • A pair of SILVER AND ONYX EARRINGS (US only) from Alicia Street
  • $25.00 Amazon Gift Card from Katy Walters
  • Paperback copy of A FATHER FOR CHRISTMAS from Rachelle Ayala
  • Scentsy Silver Bells candle gift pack from Jacquie Biggar
  • Paperback copy of NAKED IN THE WIND, first book in The Fairies Saga (US and Canada only) from Dani Haviland
  • Signed copy of APPALOOSA BLUES from Nancy Radke


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Roving ~ Pirate Stronghold, The History of Port Royal at Embracing Romance!


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Katherine Bone’s Pirate Stronghold, The History of Port Royal, Jamaica!


20160521_183559This past May, my rogue and I took an anniversary trip to Jamaica. It was our first visit to the tropical island and neither of us knew what to expect, other than beautiful flowers, lush vegetation, and reggae music. (Red, red wy-een!) High on my to-do list—unbeknownst to my rogue—was Port Royal. Jamaica, I quickly learned however, is a very large island. It took our shuttle one and a half hours to drive us from the airport to Ocho Rios. When we questioned our resort consultant about the possibility of touring Port Royal, I was saddened to learn that a trip to ye old pirate port would take six hours by taxi. Since we’d committed to our resort, that news unfortunately meant I wasn’t going to be able to see THE Golden Age of Piracy’s stronghold. But I found ways to assuage my bitter disappointment with rum and… where was I? Oh, yes. When I returned home, I consoled myself with research. What I’ve discovered is intriguing and sobering, especially as Hurricane Matthew passes over Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba. And what I found is exactly what I’d like to share with you today.

Read more about my post at Embracing Romance!

#RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange ~ Nice and Author Linda O’Connor!


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red-building-nice-for-choices-copyI love Author Tina Gayle‘s blog exchanges! Can you tell? Was it any wonder when Lady Tina organized a #RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange that I couldn’t wait to sign up? There’s nothing better than getting a peek at an author’s next book release, plus getting an insider’s view of the romantic destinations that touch each author’s heart and soul. And so without further adieu, please welcome the lovely Author Linda O’Connor!

#RomanticTravel Idea – I visited Nice, France and thought it was very romantic. Blue skies, beautiful beaches, palm trees swaying in a warm breeze, and stunning landscape. Just gorgeous and very romantic.

perfectlyplannedflat2_850She has it all Perfectly Planned . . .

Chloe Keay is on the hunt for the perfect sperm donor, but who knew it would be this hard? So many things to consider in a father – sure height and hair color are important, but what about the real issues. How does he feel about bagpipe music? Does he buy the extended warranty? Skittles or M&Ms? She doesn’t want an average Joe. She’s narrowed it down to two candidates and has the perfect plan to pick the heir and the spare.

Staff Sergeant Rip Logan, head of the elite Tactics and Rescue Unit, has a gut feeling that Chloe Keay is trouble. She’s a sexy little spark plug who radiates innocence, but it doesn’t jibe with her suspicious behavior and probing questions. The fact that he’s attracted irritates him. What exactly is she after? And should he go with his gut or follow his heart?

Planning for love – what could possibly go wrong?


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~ Excerpt ~

For pretty much everything her parents needed, from house repairs to health questions, they had a child on speed-dial. And bonus, funds flowed freely to pay for their place in a retirement home.

Perfectly planned.

That’s the kind of retirement plan Chloe was after. Maybe not six kids. Six was a bit of a handful, especially flying solo. But she could handle one, at least to begin with.

It would’ve been easier with Roger, but oh well, on to Plan B.

Sperm bank.

She had been poked and prodded and deemed a healthy receptacle.

But, oh how to choose which little swimmers to let loose? She needed smart (had to earn the big bucks), features similar to hers (hair color notwithstanding), family oriented (obviously had to love their momma), and not too nasally a voice (very annoying). They needed to be screened for reverse traits—ones that would make her wish she could reverse the whole process.

She needed more than the measly amount of info available online.

No problem. She had applied for a job as a weekend receptionist at the sperm bank, interviewed quite successfully (naturally), and waited patiently while they narrowed down their selection.

She had started three weeks ago.

The job was straightforward, certainly not as creative as painting. In fact, it was kinda slow. She liked the music in the waiting room, though, especially with her mouse clicking. She could get quite a beat going. Left click. Right click. Left-right-right click. She could see it catching on. In fact, it should be posted on YouTube because it’d give her something to watch at work, too.

She hadn’t lost sight of her plan, but it wasn’t obvious where all the data was stored. She had opened several files, but it wasn’t until she rocked and clicked to The Jaded Gentlemen, that lo and behold, the folder popped up.

Now, she wasn’t a computer genius or anything, but who uses 1234 as their password? You’d think all that confidential information about sperm donors would be behind a bigger firewall. Nope.

So, her two top matches now had names.

4652 Ripley Logan

2485 Jared Clayton

A few social media clicks later, and voilà, she set up friend requests with both.
Even better, it looked like Ripley’s baseball team had a rain-date game on Friday, seven o’clock, right here in Rivermede at Fairfield Park.

He was sporty. She clicked a happy beat.

She could go to the game and check him out. Try to learn more about him, but keep it quiet, fly under the radar.

She spun around in her chair and smiled. Perfect.



Linda O’Connor started writing a few years ago when she needed a creative outlet other than subtly rearranging the displays at HomeSense. It turns out she loves writing romantic comedies and has a few more stories to tell. When not writing, she’s a physician at an Urgent Care Clinic (well, even when she is writing she’s a physician, and it shows up in her stories).😀  She hangs out at here.


Ports of Call:

Website   /   Facebook    /   Twitter   /    Amazon Author Page

Thank you for sharing your #RomanticTravel destination ‘Nice, France’ with us, Lady Linda! I must confess you had me at “palm trees swaying in a warm breeze”. (I’m easy to please. Pirate!)



#RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange ~ Alaska and Author Devon McKay!


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Welcome Author Devon McKay  today as we continue Author Tina Gayle‘s #RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange.

Where do you recommend taking a romantic getaway, Lady Devon?


My romantic getaway would be Alaska. I lived there for 27 years and have yet to find a more beautiful place, which is one of the reasons I wrote Staking A Claim.               


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#RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange ~Lake Arrowhead and Author Kathleen Rowland!


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As part of Author Tina Gayle‘s #RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange, please welcome Author Kathleen Rowland, author of heart-stopping action-packed romantic suspense.

Ahoy, m’lady! What kind of romantic getaway do you suggest for us today?

How about romantic travel to Lake Arrowhead, California, where Deadly Alliance takes place?  Fall colors mix with evergreens around this pristine mountain lake. Bring a picnic basket and rent a pontoon!


Finbar Donahue, former Army Ranger, walked on the wild side in Iraq, but now he lives in the shadows. After his evasive partner, Les, was shot in a random drive-by, Finn discovers cash is siphoned monthly. He fights to keep his investment company afloat. When the late partner’s girlfriend, Amy Kintyre, applies for his bookkeeping job, Finn suspects she knows about his company drain and hires her.

Amy needs a nine-to-five with free evenings and weekends to get her fashion design business back on track. She unearths Les’ s secret bank account and alerts Finn. Freezing of the money laundering account sets off havoc within an Irish gang. Amy witnesses a gang fight between a brutal ISIS fundraising organization and the Irish. Desperate to escape a stalker’s crosshairs, she seeks refuge with Finn. As danger heats up, sparks fly hotter.

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#RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange ~ Author Alina K. Field!


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Today we continue Author Tina Gayle‘s #RomanticTravel Fall Blog Exchange and welcome Author Alina K. Field to Rogues, Rebels & Rakes! I’m super jazzed to be able to say that I met Lady Alina in person at the FABulous Historical Romance Retreat (HRR) held in Spokane, WA, this past weekend. She’s not only a beautiful woman, but kind and generous too. And I’m sure Alina will agree, if you couldn’t attend HRR, make sure to register for 2017’s event as soon as the registration goes live! Ladies Delilah Marvelle and Renee Bernard sure know how to time travel. Alina and I were surrounded by period costumes and the historical opulence readers can only dream of experiencing in a lifetime!


Take it away, Lady Alina!

My favorite romantic getaway is Prescott, Arizona. I love checking into a vintage hotel like the St. Michael’s or the Hassayampa and sipping a drink at the same saloon frequented by Wyatt Earp.

bellas-band-final-med-copy1Bullets, blades, and incendiary bombs—Major Steven Beauverde, the latest Earl of Hackwell, belongs in that world, and is determined to get back to it. His brother’s murder has forced Steven into a new and completely unwanted role, and worse, he has no idea how to salvage his family’s depleted estate. A rumor that his brother had a son by a woman who may be a) the murderer, and b) his brother’s secret wife, sets Steven on a mission to find her, the boy, and—Steven ardently hopes—the proof of a marriage that will set him free.

Confirmed spinster Annabelle Harris is a country heiress with a penchant for taking in orphans and helping the downtrodden. Her philanthropy hides her desperate search for her disgraced sister, the mistress to the Earl of Hackwell. When the Earl is murdered, her sister thrusts her child into Annabelle’s care and disappears. Now, with suspicion pointing at the sister, Annabelle has begun a new quest, to find the woman, and clear her name.

When their paths converge, the reluctant Earl and the independent spinster find themselves rethinking their goals, and battling the real murderer together.

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