Check out my interview at Rakes and Rascals, me hearties! Lady Carol asked some great questions!!! I’m very happy to be spotlighted at Rakes and Rascals today, me hearties! Check out the FANtastic questions Lady Carol asked me!😉

Rakes And Rascals

I’m delighted to welcome Best Selling Romance Author KATHERINE BONE to Rakes and Rascals today for an exclusive interview.

And what a pleasure it is to be sailin’ in to Rakes and Rascals! Thank you so much for invitin’ me, Lady Carol!!!:)



Could you tell us where you were born and what it was like growing up there?

I’d love to share more about myself with you! Woot!!! I was born in Texas, but flew to Mannheim, Germany, two months later. My father was in the Army and already stationed there, you see. Would you like to see a picture of me meeting my dad for the very first time? I love this photo of us! (My dad was 19 and my mother only 17. She had never flown anywhere before!)

The rest of my childhood was spent traveling every 2-3 years to another Army base…

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Loop#RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange ~ Jack Interviews Author Rachelle Paige!


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Avast! And welcome to Author Tina Gayle’s continuing #RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange! Jack is back!

Jack: It’s what all the wenches say when I sail into Tortuga, savvy. But I digress… I’m here to interview another delicious author, Lady Rachelle Paige! So prop up your boots and pour yourself a dram. It be time for fun… ‘er, rum!

Jack_finds_his_headdingWelcome aboard Lady Katherine’s ship, Lady Rachelle! It’s good to have you aboard. Every pirate starts somewhere and I’m sure a talented author like yourself is no different. Preens. For instance, I have a compass that points to what I want most. Where does your compass point to?

Rachelle: Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands.

Gordon LightfootJack: Lake Superior never gives up her dead, luv. I fear the same cannot be said for World’s End. I’d like to see Gordon Lightfoot write that song. Is he still writing music? No matter. Every sailin’ man gathers his own miracle cache to sustain him. I have pieces of eight in my pocket. Significant treasure, to be sure. If ye could have eight pieces with ye at all times, what would they be?

Rachelle: Pictures of my family, they inspire and encourage me everyday.

Jack with RumJack: I luv encouragement where it can be found… with vixens who know how to pop my rum cork just so. Pop! That’s inspiration! Winks and raises a jug, then takes a swig of rum. But that doesn’t leave a lot of room for rovin’, if ye get my meaning. Shrugs. Tends to decrease the likelihood of sailin’ off to calm and smooth waters. When did the wind take hold of your sails?

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#GoodreadsGiveaway ~ One Week in Your Arms by Author Patricia Preston!

Ahoy! Cap’n is sharin’ great news! Author Patricia Preston is celebratin’ her next release with a Goodreads Giveaway! Enter to WIN a print copy of One Week in Your Arms Goodreads Giveaway today! (Giveaway ends July 21st!)

EnterGoodreadsGiveawayJpeg500IT STARTED WITH A FLING…

Six years ago, Dr. Marla Grant gave into temptation with a gorgeous man. Now the medical director of Lafayette Falls Community Clinic and a single mom to a little girl, Marla finds herself in a dilemma when the funding for the community clinic is threatened by none other than the powerful man of her long-ago fling and unsuspecting father of her child…

Carson Blackwell has never forgotten bright, beautiful Marla. When he discovers that she works at the clinic his grandmother’s foundation sponsors, it’s the perfect opportunity to end to his ongoing infatuation and use his leverage to cement a new business deal. He needs a fake girlfriend for one week in Hawaii, and Marla is just the woman for the job. It’s a win-win situation, until they realize the attraction between them isn’t feigned, and the heat has never died down. Only the secrets they’re both keeping stand in the way of a future together-and a love that could last a lifetime.

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#RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange ~ Linda McLaughlin!


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Ahoy, me hearties! Author Tina Gayle‘s #RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange continues! Our latest guest to Rogues, Rebels & Rakes is Author Linda McLaughlin. Woot!!! Lady Linda is not only here to share her latest release, but she’s come to tell us how she’d keep romance alive this summer! Huzzah!!!

captain-jack-sparrowJack: Preens. How would ye advise a pirate like me to woo the wenches, Lady Linda?

Linda: “A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread—and Thou” – The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

I love that quote, and it makes me think of romantic summer picnics—at the beach, by a lake, in the mountains or a park—whatever location works best where you live or vacation. But what to pack?

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Release Day ~ The Rogue’s Surrender!


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TheRoguesSurrender500x750It’s time to celebrate BIG, me hearties! THE ROGUE’S SURRENDER, Nelson’s Tea Book #3 is OUT today!!! And oh, what a joyous day this is!!! Sound the trumpets! Fire the cannon! Prepare to be boarded! Aye, ’twill be a rollickin’ ride of adventure, mayhem, and romance.😉

The men of Nelson’s Tea ARR back and with a vengeance! Time is running out. After Nelson’s untimely death at Trafalgar, Napoleon turns his wrath on Admiral Villeneuve, arranging the doomed man’s death. With no chance of storming England’s shores, Napoleon then focuses on dominating less formidable foes. But several of his sympathizers remain and the damage has been done to Spain and the spies left in harm’s way, in particular, Señorita Mercedes Catalina Vasquez Claremont. Only one man can save her… the man who hates Spaniards, vowing to never set foot in Spain again, Garrick, Viscount Seaton, aka Captain Blade.

0001-42When I started writing my Nelson’s Tea Series many years ago, I never imagined how these characters would take hold of my imagination and become my heartfelt friends. Along with Garrick, I suffered while writing his book. I went through periods of time when I couldn’t write, fearing for the end of my series just as much as Garrick was haunted by his captivity in Spain. He’s such a tortured soul. And because of all that he’s endured through the books, he needed a heroine strong enough to reach deep into his soul and save him. And so it is that Mercedes’s name did not come by accident. When I discovered that Mercy was the nickname for Mercedes during the Regency period, my heroine was born. I knew it would take a great deal of mercy to heal this broken man.

0001-8377343Sayin’ goodbye to those you love is never easy, is it? How odd it is that authors feel so connected to their characters, as if they were flesh and blood. In THE ROGUE’S SURRENDER, you’ll find one near-death experience and several deaths of beloved characters that came at great expense to me. I cried over the book while writing it. But as in life, not everyone can be saved, can they? And as in life, victory comes at great cost.

I owe a debt of gratitude to my publisher esKape Press Publishing, Author M.V. Freeman (who graciously brainstormed this entire series with me!) and the Rogues, Rebels & Rakes Street Team for encouraging me every step of the way.

MyLordRogue453x680I have Lady Jayne Smith to thank for asking for Lord Simon Danbury’s book. That book became the cornerstone of my series, MY LORD ROGUE, A Nelson’s Tea Novella #1. Here Admiral Nelson organizes the group Nelson’s Tea and all twenty of the men in clandestine service to the king are introduced.


DUKE BY DAY, ROGUE BY NIGHT, Nelson’s Tea #1, features Percival Avery, Marquess Stanton and the future Duke of Blendingham, as he searches for his sister’s killers, along with some help from Nelson’s Tea.



THE ROGUE’S PRIZE, Nelson’s Tea #2, features Captain Henry Guffald’s attempt to redeem his naval career. His mission is to rescue Lord Garrick Seaton from Spain, but he’s attacked by a female pirate with an agenda of her own.


MY LADY ROGUE, A Nelson’s Tea Novella #2, was equally hard to write as the members of Nelson’s Tea learn that Admiral Nelson has been killed at Trafalgar. As they convene to vote on the future of the group, a mole is activated, endangering their lives.


And now it’s my delightful pleasure to give you, THE ROGUE’S SURRENDER, Nelson’s Tea Book #3!

TheRoguesSurrender500x750He’d become a beast only she could tame.

Marked for death! Señorita Mercedes Vasquez has been betrayed by a member of Nelson’s Tea. Now her life is in the hands of the man she couldn’t save, a beast forged by Spanish hatred.

Lord Garrick Seaton, aka Captain Blade, is the only one who has a chance of pulling off a lifesaving mission. To do so, he must go to Spain and face memories of captivity and torture. But the fiery Spanish lady he seeks to rescue proves to be the greater threat. Can he protect his heart, or will she demand his complete surrender?

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Have you read any of the books in my series? Tell me who your FAVorite character is and why. You could win a free ecopy of THE ROGUE’S SURRENDER! Contest ends July 16th!

Happy reading!


#RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange ~ Jack Interviews Carmen Stefanescu!


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Here’s another wonderful author to interview for the #RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange started by Author Tina Gayle, me hearties! Raise your rum in salute and help me welcome aboard Author Carmen Stefanescu! 

captain jack sparrow 4Saunters forward. Waves hand with finesse.

Jack: We’ve been eagerly awaitin’ you on deck, Lady Carmen. It’s been a very busy summer aboard ship and we’re quite content to sit back and learn more about the wonderful authors who’ve made Lady Katherine’s acquaintance. And so, let us begin, eh? Everyone was born with a particular headin’. What does your compass point to, eh?

Carmen: To somewhere to the East. Precisely, East Europe, Romania.

Jack: Romania! Gulps.

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#RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange ~ Jack Interviews Author Kathleen Rowland!


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Kathleen Rowland’s summertime #RomanticIdea to win any guy over:  Choose an activity that gets you into his element.  How about sailing or kayaking? Let him show you how it’s done! Beach the craft and pull him in close.  The experience of being out and about in public makes it hard for him to wait for the trip home… to have you.

Special thanks to author Katherine Bone for inviting me here today.  

article-2420767-15A9308B000005DC-446_306x423Jack: Welcome aboard Lady Katherine’s ship, Lady Kathleen! I especially like your summertime motto: Let him show you how it’s done! Winks. Hopefully, your pirate has a compass that points to what you want most, eh? Where does your compass point to?

Kathleen: North.  I come from a line of storytellers, but I wanted to succeed as a writer of fiction.

Jack: North, eh? I haven’t been north since Barbosa sailed to World’s End to bring me back from the Locker. It was a good thing I had pieces of eight in me pocket. Significant treasure, to be sure. If you could have eight pieces with you at all times, what would they be?

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#RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange ~ Jack Interviews Linda O’Connor!

Captain_JackAhoy, me hearties! Jack is back to interview another victim… ‘er author taking part in Lady Tina Gayle’s #RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange! Welcome Lady Linda O’Connor to Rogues, Rebels & Rakes! Huzzah!!!

Jack: Swaggers. Welcome to Lady Katherine’s ship, Lady Linda! I confess it’s always a pleasure when I get the chance to interview an author as established as yourself. May I interest ye in a topple… I mean sipple of rum? No? Well now, I suppose we should get started with our interview then. Every tar sets out with a compass in hand. Where does your compass point to, eh?

Linda: I was born with a compass that points north – I love living in Canada. It also points to science and math, which is why it’s such a surprise that I love writing.

Jack: Science and math, eh? Scrunches nose. Important in navigation and setting one’s course. Whenever I set out on adventure, I keep pieces of eight in me pocket. Significant treasure, to be sure. While ye sail in Canada, what pieces of eight do ye keep with ye at all times?

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#RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange ~ Keta Diablo!


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Lady Keta Diablo is participating in Lady Tina Gayle’s FANtastic #RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange and I’m happy to host her here on Rogues, Rebels & Rakes today, me hearties!

Here’s Lady Keta’s romantic idea for summer:

When summer comes to the Midwest, we think lakes!

One way I love to pass a sunny afternoon is to pack a picnic lunch and head for the water on a Pontoon boat. What could be more romantic than spending a lazy day cruising the lake? The crappies are biting, the sun’s sharing its awesome warmth and the cooler is filled with our favorite beverages.

This is also a great time to catch up on my reading (a romance novel, of course). As the sun sets, we head on over to one of the many restaurants on the lake and enjoy a delicious meal together.

Now this is my idea of Romance!

Happy sailing and happy reading!

~ Keta ~

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#RomanticIdea Summer Blog Exchange with Dariel Raye!


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Author Dariel Raye joins Rogues, Rebels & Rakes with her #RomanticIdea as part of the Summer Blog Exchange started by Lady Tina Gayle. Welcome aboard, Lady Dariel!!!

My romantic idea comes from a tradition between me and one of my best friends. It’s a great, fun and simple way to get to know another person without lots of questions. Here’s how it’s done…

  1. Each person creates a playlist of some of her/his favorite music dating as far back as they can remember (can even be pre-school).
  2. Plan a picnic (in a neutral, safe place so you can dance if the mood hits you, and each of you bring some of your favorite foods).
  3. Take turns sharing your playlists one song at a time, and tell what was going on in your life at the time as well as why the song is one of your favorites. Remember to keep it positive, i.e., nothing about old lovers who broke your heart, please😉 In fact, if you bring up past relationships at all, be sure to focus on what you learned and how it helps you with present relationships.
  4. According to the length of your playlists, this can span several dates and provide quite a few conversation prompts.

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