bernard-f-gribble-pirate-crew-defy-a-naval-warship_i-G-17-1738-22Y3D00ZChristmas Eve will be here in two more days and I just finished my gift shopping. Whew! (There nothing like pulling out of Tortuga just in time.)

My two youngest are home. The house is filling up and my crew is expanding again to include a rowing crew of fun. There will be hyjinks and mayhem once my oldest rover and his family arrive. Two strapping young deck hands, 8 and 5, will set about jacking up the excitement for Santa and his reindeer to arrive. Can’t wait to raise the signal flag that will alert that jolly old elf and his sleigh that pirates once again man the ship. Woot!

While the excitement for Christmas grows, we’re also anticipating a new crew member this year, our newest bundle of joy… another grandson. Every time the phone rings, I think… “this is it!” LOL! In the meantime, I’ve been knitting a baby blanket for the little tike. Unfortunately, I’m not finished with it yet either. Arrrrr!!!

And why am I so far behind? Well, edits for Lost Treasure, Captive Princess, my first contemporary release arrived. They’re due January 7th. So you see, though my crew expands, this pirate is going to have to learn how to divide her time in order to win the day.

So much joy. So much to prepare and plan for. Are you prepared for Christmas? What plans do you have for the holidays?