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Throw open the shudders. Throw open the sash. The New Year is here! It’s here at last!

Big Possibilities

Big Possibilities (Photo credit: Melody Campbell)

Oh! What a a great year 2013 promises to be for all of us. You see, we’ve got a clean slate. We can become anything we want to be, achieve our dreams, fulfill any goal we set our minds to. There is an entire calendar of days open to our heart’s desire. All we have to do is schedule in the time, prepare, and make wonderful things happen. Are you with me, crew? 

What are your plans for 2013? I need a new calendar, one that will help me stay more organized these days. And in order to stay on task, I’ll need to make sure to look at it and follow the route I plan out.

I don’t normally make resolutions because they’re so hard to keep, but I want to make sure to take better care of myself this year. Taking time for exercise, eating right, making sure I relax, refill the well every now and again with a good book, and take advantage of spending time with loved ones. It’s a big order, I know. But I have 24 hours in every day, 52 weeks, and 365 days to do it. That should be enough time, shouldn’t it?


Possibilities (Photo credit: wadem)

While I get organized and finish up edits on Lost Treasure, Captive Princess, I leave you with this blog post I wrote in January 2011. Dwell in Possibilities, me hearties!