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English: Inside the cave, looking north With a...

English: Inside the cave, looking north With a shutter speed of just 1/8th of a second and the camera pressed against the rock to keep it steady, the light inside the cave is coming from the opening to the south. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Goodness gracious, me hearties! I didn’t realize it had been that long since I’d posted on me blog. But I have good reason, I say. I’ve been deep in edits on Lost Treasure, Captive Princess, my March 4th contemporary romance release at Crimson Romance.The edits on this book were rough for one reason only. I had to get them done by January 7th and my grandson was born January 4th. Arrrrr!!!! When I wanted to be doting on my newest little darling, I was strapped to my editing helm, sustained only with bread and water breaks. But never fear! I got some rum to help warm me nights. Edits were turned in on time and I was able to be there the day my little pirate waved his first flag.

Good things come to those who work, work, work, right? LOL!

Well, just checking in. I hope to be a more constant presence in the near future. But for today, I’m signaling I’ll be over at Teatime Romance Blog dishing about my great new calendar, setting goals, and me plans for 2013.

What are your plans this year?