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What a grand day it is when a new book cover arrives, me hearties! A few days ago, I got the book cover for Lost Treasure, Captive Princess, my March 4th debut contemporary release. I couldn’t have asked for a better cover! The art department at Crimson Romance brought Carolina Beugre to life. Everything about her is almost perfectly reflected in the book. An author couldn’t have asked for more.Lost Treasure Captive PrincessSo I’m happy to share my book cover with you today and give you a little snippet from the book. It should be going up for pre-sale soon, me hearties!


Lost Treasure, Captive Princess

“Take off the necklace.”

Gian-Paolo Montovanni, Prince of Monte Blanco, had waited months for the opportunity to stare at the obstinate woman standing in the alcove of his Italian palace ballroom. It was the final night of Carnivale, the night he’d been scheduled to introduce his bride-to-be. The woman before him, Carolina Beugre, was not that woman, however.

She was a means to an end, an American jeweler, whose defiant green eyes scrutinized him from behind a Carnivale mask. But her presence wasn’t what had drawn his attention in the crowd. That distinction went to the emeralds around her throat. The copy of his mother’s necklace, the original having been lost in a blackmailing scheme, not only caught him off guard, but signaled a breach in decorum. By royal decree, no Montovanni heir had announced a betrothal without the necklace. And in the past twenty years, no one had seen the gems—until now—until this uncommon woman had put them on in public.

The sight of the copy dangling from Signorina Beugre’s neck rocked him to his core. Perfectly faceted emeralds dipped low into her bosom, as if the gems had been created for her body alone. Her possession of the stones flaunted everything he’d lost back in his face. His mother’s affair. His father’s broken spirit. Scandal that rocked the foundations of his throne. Each vivid memory twisted into a shameful scheme—a decree that the gems would be set aside for Gian-Paolo’s future fiancée, when in reality they’d been given to a thief. Now parliament breathed down his neck. He needed an heir. And because of this, he’d been forced to seek unusual means of producing the necklace before his people learned the truth about their beloved Princepessa. Losing his people’s respect was one thing. Losing his father’s dynasty, another. His father wasn’t going to be dishonored a second time.

The search for the original necklace, or the procurement of a replacement, had taken almost a year. He’d nearly given up hope of being able to appease members of his government until he’d discovered Carolina Beugre’s copy. Offering an exorbitant sum for the gems had been the only way of delaying his mother’s inevitable disgrace. The American jeweler was also the only one known to have seen the original. Though his research had revealed her to be a fascinating individual, he meant to get it back. Gian-Paolo’s fingers twitched with expectancy as he carefully inspected Carolina Beugre. Her masquerade costume fit her figure flawlessly, helping her blend into the Machiavellian crowd. Just as he’d known it would when he’d sent the garment to her hotel room. All but one thing had gone according to plan—Carolina had put on the necklace.

Have a blessed weekend, me hearties!