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Back in the 1800’s, the time period of my historical characters, sailors used signal flags to communicate with other ships. Samuel Morse began to develop a system of coding dots for electrical telegraphs in 1836. This Morse Code system was used heavily through radio communiques in the 1890’s, and by 1910, the U.S. Navy began to explore airplane usage. Morse Code was used extensively as a means of communication in WWII. But during the height of this scientific surge, signal flags were set aside, making way for flashes of electrical light to convey messages back and forth between ships at sea. Eventually, Morse Code’s maritime use faded into obscurity in 1999, when it was replaced by the Global Maritime Safety Distress System. Can you imagine what a pirate would have thought about these methods of communication? Would Morse Code, via telegraph or electric lights, have changed battle tactics in Admiral Nelson‘s time? I’m pondering this and more today. 

Have you seen the Progresso Soup commercials? Growing up, my brother and I loved to take cans and attach strings to them, creating our own walkie-talkies. These always worked great as long as the strings were long enough and stretched tight. Simplistic, right? We always found great fun out of creating our own adventures. You almost have to do that when toys are packed away and frequent moves force innovating ideas to help ease the boredom. (Pirate!)

Let’s step communication up a notch, shall we? In my early twenties, hearing a phone ring outside was very rare. I’ll never forget seeing someone pull out one those ghastly large cell phones back in the day. I remember thinking, that’ll never last. Muahahaha! Who knew? Well, these days, this wench loves the convenience of her portable cell phone. Remember the Yellow Pages ad? “Let your fingers do the walking?” There’s nothing like being able to stay in touch with family and friends wherever you may be. I’m often amazed at how far I’ve come since those days of earlier portable phones. But having the ability to check my email, FB, twitter and other social media networks whenever I want to is a fabulous perk, I don’t want to lose. (How did I ever live without this technology growing up?)

This is January 31st, y’all! Why is the date so significant? Tomorrow marks the beginning of my new upgrade status! Woot!!! 😉

Previously, I’ve had Samsung products and a Blackberry. The Today show just featured a brand new Blackberry with a touch-tone feature and larger screen. During my last upgrade, I gave up the convenience of my Blackberry keyboard for an iphone’s wider screen. (Keeps me from having to use a spyglass or a magnifying glass to read the smaller print. LOL!) LOVE! LOVE! LOVE, my iphone 3GS! But newer systems have come out in the past two years and I simply have to get up to speed before I make my choice.

This brings me to my current dilemma. What type of phone do I upgrade to now? Samsung Galaxy? Droid? Iphone 5? The new Blackberry? I’m so confused. All I know is I want the wider screen access, touch-tone screen convenience, and the benefits of getting all of my social needs met in the palm of my hand. I know, I don’t want much, do I? Heehee!

Remember Captain Jack Sparrow‘s compass that points to what he wants most? Like Jack, I’m an adventurer who needs what she wants most. In this technological day and time, when the sky’s the limit, which product should I get? Do you have any suggestions? Can you help me decide? I would love to make the right choice for convenience, managability, and cost.