My recent blog on Teatime Romance. Writing without fear! Gives the best result every time, me hearties.

Teatime Romance

One of the wonderful things about being a writer is having the freedom of choice. Creating worlds where anything goes, characters interact, settings suggest theme/atmosphere, and genre. A writer holds all of these things and more in the palm of his/her hand. That, me hearties, is also why writers write.

Characters move in and out of a writer’s mind, suggesting plot twists, relationship arcs, who will live and who will die. The power of all this lies in the writer’s hands. At least that’s what writer’s would like to believe. Or does it?

Highclere Castle van de Carnarvon-familie, gel...

After watching Season Three from the BBC’s goldmine Downton Abbey, you might disagree. Hundreds of fans around the world raised their voices in alarm. Blasphemy!! Why? Why? Why?

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