Spending time taking care of my grandson has got me pondering about babies and books. Stop by and see what I mean, won’t you, me hearties?

Teatime Romance

When this year started so many new things were on my horizon. With a weathered eye and purposeful ambitions, I aimed my spyglass toward the wonderful adventures ahead. What I didn’t anticipate however, were the days and nights when my schedule would take on a life of its own. This is typical, isn’t it?

Crusoe MapLately, I’ve felt more like an aged seafaring sailor questioning why I spend so much time invisioning other lives and adventures when I have my own to experience. It would be easier if I’d chosen to be a landlubber instead of listening to the notorious voices in my head. But I do listen. And because I do, these days I’ve found myself working on a new project, returning from a much needed vacation, and spending two weeks taking care of my newest grandson. In the process, he’s helped me realize a few important things. Babies and books have a lot in common because both need love and attention. Oh yes, they do!

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