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English: State seal of North Carolina

Wazzzz Upppp, me hearties?

Has the wind been filling your sails this week? I’ve been trying to catch up on everything at home, after being gone to NC to visit my son for his promotion. And, I’ve received some great news. THE ROGUE’S PRIZE was caught up in a production glitch but now has a new release date set ~ June 24th. If you recall, THE ROGUE’S PRIZE is the 2nd book in the Nelson’s Tea Series. It picks up on Captain Guffald’s adventures after the end of Duke by Day, Rogue by Night. LOVE this book, dear readers. It’s filled with swashbuckling adventure and a heroine with her own brand of charm.

I also blogged at Romance Magicians on Tuesday, April 9th. I’m posting the link here for you, in case your interested in reading it. In the morning, I’ll be blogging at Romance Magicians again. If you read tomorrow’s post, you’ll see why. LOL! Hysterical stuff. (aka, I got my days mixed up.) So the good news is: two blogs instead of one this week. Heehee!!! (Pirate!)


So many weird weather events happening across the US. Snow in Wyoming. Storms moving east. We’ve had Tornado Watches here today. My wish for you all is to stay warm, stay safe, and keep your eyes on the prize!