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TGIF, me hearties!!! I bet you’re all looking forward to a great weekend ahead. I am too. My local writing chapter is having their monthly meeting and my rogue is returning from a business trip. Happy days!!!

English: "The Barnum & Bailey greatest sh...

English: “The Barnum & Bailey greatest show on earth Wonderful performing geese, roosters and musical donkey”. Chromolithograph. Français : Affiche originale pour le cirque Barnum obtenue par chromolithographie vers 1900. Traduction du texte “Barnum & Bailey, le plus grand spectacle sur terre. Ses merveilleuses oies et coqs dressées, son âne musicien. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m blogging again at Romance Magicians today. Need I laugh? Check out the picture of myself clowning around at Barnum & Bailey‘s Circus. 😉

In the meantime, it’s always great if you can take time to laugh at yourself. Life is too short. Negativity is right and left. I’m all about promoting positivity. Feeling good about oneself makes the day go much better, don’t you think? So in my blog today, I’m talking about labels. You know the ones we give ourselves at any given time? I’ve had quite a few in my life. And the most wonderful thing about labels is… they change and YOU can change the ones you’re given.

If you have time or the inclination, check out my blog post today. 😉


Until next time, enjoy your Friday and raise a mug of your favorite refreshment in salute.