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Cover of "Young Frankenstein [Blu-ray]"

Music bridges cultural and language barriers. It also stretches our awareness. Sound, voice, and instrument stir the soul, creating emotion within. What is it about music that soothes the savage beastie? Is it the lulling stroke of the violin in Young Frankenstein? The humming pipes of hunky kilt-clad musicians on a Scottish hill? The courageous quartet on the deck of the Titanic? Beethoven’s immortal beloved? Eminem’s 8 Mile?

She's on It

I love to sing and dance! Even met my rogue in a disco, of all places. (Pirate!) So I think it’s safe to say, like you, I’ve cut my teeth on almost every kind of music there is. Nothing was more influential than my grandfather’s classical LPs, the Beatles, my father’s soul music, and the writhing beat of reggae and hip hop. Top of the line: Sugar Hill Gang brought another level of music with a beat that told me, “don’t stop.” And who could forget the Beastie Boys or Elton John? Later, research lured me into discovering the stirring, soulful music heard in Native American flutes and drums. Just an inkling that my musical preferences are diverse and many, eh? It probably helped that I’ve lived in Germany, 3 times, and Japan and Italy.

My grandfather was a classical pianist. He paid his way through graduate school and his doctorate by working in theatres and playing piano to silent movie audiences. Very cool!!! As a child, I remember him sitting in a comfortable chair with his eyes closed, nodding his head as instruments in a classical orchestra told their various stories. Peter and the Wolf comes to mind. Cannon D too.

How does music affect your life? Do you listen to an MP3 player while doing creative things, exercising, or taking on a to-do-list job around the house? I know I do.

English: Baroque music iconWhen I’m writing, I love listening to Baroque music. There’s just something about it that makes me feel alive. Other times, I listen to soundtracks to get my mind into the historical time period, Master & Commander, Pride & Prejudice, or even Dances With Wolves. I’ve also got a few cds from the Jane Austen era that I enjoy while writing ballroom scenes.

Music is my friend! For the next week, I’ll be working on edits for THE ROGUE‘S PRIZE, due very soon. I’ll be listening to Baroque music on pandora.com. Guaranteed to soothe my inner Kraken as my stress level mounts, me hearties.

So until next time… put on some music. Escape into another realm, prop your feet up and close your eyes. I know that made my Grandy quite content.