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It’s May 3rd, me hearties, and I’ve just turned in the final edits on the sequel to Duke by Day, Rogue by Night! The Rogue’s Prize will be coming to you via Crimson Romance on June 24th and I couldn’t be happier. Why? Because this book is packed with swashbuckling adventure and romance. Woot!!! (Right up pirate alley!)

The Rogue’s Prize can best be described as Captain Horatio Hornblower meets Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. And this book has to be my favorite so far. I just fell in love with my heroine, Lady Adele Seaton, a.k.a. Captain Belle. Her bravado knows no limits. And it’ll take a skilled alpha male to get her under control. (Who couldn’t ask for more?) Fortunately, for Nelson’s Tea, and her six brothers, the deed gets done by the wily and witty Captain Henry Guffald.

For those of you who’ve read Duke by Day, you’ll remember Guffald as the man who saves Lady Constance Blendingham’s life, via a very strange turn of events. But heroism hasn’t gifted Guffald with the notariety he deserves. No. Oh contraire! Guffald is a wounded man who will have to prove himself worthy once more in Admiral Nelson’s eyes. He’s ordered on a perilous mission to intercept El Capitan Don Franco Delgado and free Lord Garrick Seaton from the hangman’s noose.

Will he arrive in time to save Garrick’s life? Or will Garrick’s sister, well-meaning soul that she is, prevent him from achieving the one thing he hopes to win ~ redemption.

Can’t wait to see the cover for this book. It should be coming the end of May. Woot!!! And, in the meantime, I’m writing book three in the Nelson’s Tea Series, which is set to be a fabulous culmunation of characters!!!