Fascinating account of one of Admiral Nelson’s Officers. Very cool as I’m doing research for my Nelson’s Tea Series. Great reference material here and a very well done accounting of this admiral’s life.

The Things That Catch My Eye

Regency Personalities Series
In my attempts to provide us with the details of the Regency, today I continue with one of the many period notables.

John Pasco

20 December 1774 – 16 November 1853


John Pasco

Pasco was born on 20 December 1774. He entered the Royal Navy on in 1784 as Captain’s Servant, on the HMS Druid. In 1786 he moved to HMS Pegasus, under the command of the then Prince William Henry (later William IV), on duty in the West Indies and along the coast of North America. He served on various ships after 1787 and by 1790 he had risen to the rank of Midshipman under Captain John Manley on HMS Syren. He continued serving on various ships as Midshipman and Master’s Mate until 1795, mainly in the English Channel and West Indies.

In 1795 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and…

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