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Sail ho, me hearties!!!

You can watch a kettle, but you can’t make it boil, right? Well, I’ve been eagerly waiting to share some good news this week and I just got the go ahead moments ago. I can barely contain my euphoria!!!

DUKE BY DAY, ROGUE BY NIGHT was the first book in my Nelson’s Tea series. Next up: THE ROGUE’S PRIZE, Book Two, is set to release is in 5 weeks (June 24th). Anticipation is starting to build, at least on my end. (Pirate!) The blurb for the book appeared on Goodreads recently and I just got the final book cover today.

Drum roll, please…..

roses2Captain Henry Guffald is no ordinary captain. A member of Nelson’s Tea, he’s learned the hard way what treachery will achieve. As a result, he’s sworn an oath never to give in to his ambition. Daring, proud Henry sets out to rescue a comrade captured in Spain. But when his ship is attacked by a female pirate roving the Cornish coast, waylaying his plans, Henry is forced to make her his prize if he’s going to save a good man’s life.

Lady Adele Seaton has been raised in a family profited by a lucrative smuggling business. Though her parents wish otherwise, she would no sooner give up the call to rove than marry. But obtaining independence is a challenge when her brother faces a hangman’s noose. Planning to save him, she captures an English ship. But things go awry and she is dragged home in disgrace, forced to ally herself with the one man with the power to anchor more than her ship— her heart.

Twenty first sons from every walk of life share one important thing, they work for Admiral Nelson as his mercenaries. The Nelson’s Tea series follows three of those men: Percival Avery, Duke of Blendingham, Captain Henry Guffald, and Lord Garrick Seaton, future Earl Pendrim. Admiral Nelson never went without his tea. The Nelson’s Tea code enabled him to utilize his ‘secret service’ at a moment’s notice without public knowledge or discovery by the ton.

I can’t tell you how awesome this feels. To see your characters come to life! Behold Lady Adele Seaton aka Captain Belle… The Rogue’s Prize.

This is truly a wonderful day, me hearties!!!