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Happy Sunday, me hearties! What a great day it is… HG-S (Handsome Grandson)#2’s birthday today!!! Woot!!!

Now that I’ve spurred this missive off with a touch of nostalgia, I’ll tell you why I’ve been silent a bit. (Pirate!) The wind whipped me sails and took me to quite a few different horizons of late, most away from Internet features. You see, my family is in a state of flux right now. DD#2 graduated from Auburn University, has accepted her first job in the Graphic Design field, and is in the process of moving to said job. HS#2 is transferring from Fort Bragg, NC., to Fort Richardson, AL., where he’ll be stationed for three years. In the meantime, we’ve been on the road visiting HS#1 and his family, seeing HS#2 off on his adventurous drive to Alaska, helping DD#2 look for an apartment, and visiting DD#1 and our youngest cabin boy HG-S#3.

roses2While all this has been going on, I’ve been going through edits on The Rogue’s Prize and recently… the galley. The good news? Book Two in the Nelson’s Tea Series is ready for launch in 22 days, me hearties!!! To celebrate, I’ve started another Goodreads giveaway. Sign up for a chance to win 1 of 5 autographed copies of Book One, Duke by Day, Rogue by Night, from June 1st-July 1st. Arrrrr!!! (Destined to win!)roses2

This coming weekend, I’ll be at the 2013 Heart of Dixie‘s Romance Readers’ Luncheon in Huntsville, AL. Can’t wait to see all the readers who’ve registered to attend. Woot!!! It’ll be my first appearance at this luncheon as a published author, a luncheon I previously coordinated for four years. Because I have fond memories of this luncheon, I’m uber excited to host my own table for the very first time!!! I hope you’ll be able to attend! If so, I’m sponsoring an author basket and a pirate basket. Plus, my book will be in the Heart of Dixie authors’ basket and the Southern Magic Authors’ basket. And I’ll be there with goodies, me hearties! (Destiny realized!)

Life has been a whirlwind this year. I look forward to summer’s balmy breezes, days at the pool, maybe a week at the beach. (Pirate’s delight!) During this calm spell, not to be confused with being becalmed, I hope to finish Book Three in the Nelson’s Tea Series, finished Book One in a new Seven-Book series and write the first of three novellas. High aspirations, yes?

Once DD#2 gets settled, I hope I can get my website updated too. She’s the creative force behind my website, but since she had Senior Project to focus on this past semester, my website has been on the backburner. When you check out my website: www.katherinebone.com, you’ll see why I want her to update it for me. She’s uber talented!

Memorial Day has come and gone, but I’m still thinking about all the servicemen and servicewomen who’ve served our country past and present. I’m also infinitely proud of the men in my family who’ve served our country gallantly and with great sacrifice. They are the reason my books center around duty, honor, country.