Fireworks 5Me hearties!!! I’m so happy to announce that yesterday was the 1st Anniversary of The Call via email from Crimson Romance! (Sorry I missed blogging yesterday when it would have been more timely, but Darling Daughter #2 is preparing to move in to her first apartment and we’re getting her ready to go.) Fireworks!

Our beloved story begins one year ago. I was sitting at the IMG_0622Beauty Salon when what did my pirating eyes see? Yes, a bold cyber signal flag from Jennifer Lawler at Crimson Romance informing me Crimson wanted to publish Duke by Day, Rogue by Night. Aye, it was a fabulous moment. I had to put my spyglass down for a bit to absorb the details before nearly busting out of my dye cap. My fingers began to work wonders, sending out SOS’s to everyone I knew, because I couldn’t talk via phone. LOL! Beaming from ear to ear, I was drydocked in my chair, ready to explode with happiness. (You honestly can’t imagine how hard that was for a pirate to bear, me hearties.)

Oh, I’m not vain. No. For posterity’s sake, I took a picture of myself reflected in the mirror andIMG_0626 another when I was sitting under the dryer. I’m smiling even now remembering that spectacular moment and a yearning for rum to toast my success. (I did say I was drydocked…)

Since that day, my life has been a whirlwind of change and adventure. And yet, there are still so many horizons for me to steer my helm to. For instance, my website needs to be seriously updated. I apologize for not getting to that yet, but DD#2 designed it for me and she’s been going through Senior Show semester and job hunting. Now that she’s graduated from Auburn and is on her way to starting her own career, she’s promised to get to work updating the site for me. I can’t wait to show it to you, me hearties!!! (Hand flail!)

And so, as Crimson Romance celebrates year one, I’m celebrating my first year in publishing too. Don’t forget to check out my Goodreads Giveaway here:

roses2As many of you know, Duke by Day, Rogue by Night is the first book in my Nelson’s Tea Series. In just 12 days, The Rogue’s Prize, book two in the series, releases. I can’t wait to share Captain Henry Guffald’s and Lady Adele Seaton’s (aka Captain Belle) story with you. So for the weeks leading up to Rogue’s debut, I’m going to be posting excerpts for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!!!

Until next time… be a good crew and help me spread the word. Tell everyone far and wide that the men in Nelson’s Tea have returned with swashbuckling finesse.