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There she is!” Ten sets of wayward eyes arrowed toward the beautiful red-headed creature gliding toward them. Another warning. “She’s not your average lady, savvy. No. That one’s a hot-headed rebel. Don’t turn your backs, men.”

“Is she good with a sword?”

A large tattooed man turned and frowned, narrowing his gaze upon the man who’d spoken. “Good?”

“Good enough?” another man asked scratching his nether regions. “I ain’t had a woman in months.”

The Moroccan snarled and took a menacing step forward. He grabbed the scraggly pirate up by his collar and lifted him the two extra feet it took to bring him face to face. “Mind what you say about your captain.”


“Aye,” he said. “Captain.”

The lithe red-head in question sauntered up to the Moroccan. “Thank you, Husam.”She scanned the rag-tag group and then, fisting her hands on her hips, shouted,“Now that introductions have been made, its time to capture a Royal Navy ship.”


One more week until Captain Belle is here!!!

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