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Inégalités Musique Baroque Exemple 6

Inégalités Musique Baroque Exemple 6 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Music livens up any spirit and I’m certainly a fan, especially when I’m writing. Usually I’ll sit at my computer and turn on Pandora.com to listen to my fav… Baroque music. There’s just something otherworldly about Baroque music, isn’t there? I guess it reminds me of the days when chivalry and simplicity ruled. In essence, that’s partly what appeals to me about the Regency period. It was the dawn of the pre-industrial era, a group of years on the cusp of modern invention with a slight hint of Georgian belief lingering throughout. This is the period of time I think of Mozart, Paganini, Strauss, and Bethoven, composers I adore.

Steampunk finds its basis in the Victorian era, a time when mannerisms stood on rigid societal grounds—rejection of Georgian habits—and the industrial era took hold during Queen Victoria’s reign. If I couldn’t write during the Regency, I’d write about Victorian times with Tchaikovsky, Strauss, and Schumann.

But back to music… what inspires you? Blues? Pop? Hip-Hop? Rap? Country? Classical? Do you listen to them while you’re busy doing something like writing or reading?

I love all types of music. While writing, however, I have a hard time listening to music with lyrics. Lyrics pull me out of the past, a very important place I need to dwell in for my stories. (As well as the movies my mother plays in the background. For those who don’t know, my mother has lived with us for nearly 4 years now and I often have to ask her to turn the tv down. She LOVES her dvds! Pirate!!!)

Here’s a sample of what I’ve listened to while writing certain books:

Flame Rising and Walks Alone: Dances With Wolves and Into The West soundtracks, various Native American flute music, Spirit Flutes, and Spirit Dreams

roses2The Nelson’s Tea Series—Duke by Day, Rogue by Night, The Rogue’s Prize & The Rogue’s Surrender: Master & Commander soundtrack, Regency Dance Series, Regency Pianoforte music, Pride & Prejudice sountrack

Lost Treasure, Captive Princess: Eminem, Pit Bull, and Barogue music

Love Never Dies: Underworld, 300, and the Pride & Prejudice soundtracks

Inspiration is a magical thing, isn’t it? One never knows when it will strike the muse or initiate a desire to create something wonderful. I’m constantly amazed that a composer can sit at a piano and produce the music he/she hears in his/her head. And I suppose the same could be said about writers bringing to life the characters that fill their vast imaginations.

It’s hard to believe that Captain Henry Guffald’s and Lady Adele Seaton’s story will soon be available to readers. If you know anything about Simon Baker‘s character in The Mentalist, Patrick Jane, you’ll know exactly how Guffald reacts to a pirate trying to take over his ship. Said pirate is a woman, me hearties. Wait until you see the sparks ignite!!!

3 more days until The Rogue’s Prize hits Ebook stores near you! I’ll be celebrating all next week. I hope you’ll stop by to share in the spoils!