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roses2There are many different types of births, aren’t there? For an author, there’s the birth of an idea, the birth of that first chapter, the birth of typing The End to an entire book, finding an editor/publishing house, perhaps even an agent, and then that stupendous day when the finely-honed book reaches its readership. Today is one of those days, me hearties! The Rogue’s Prize has finally released from Crimson Romance!!! Woot!!!

It’s time to partay with Jack and a cellar full of rum!!! (Pirate!)captain jack sparrow w bird

To honor the birth of the second book in my Nelson’s Tea Series, I’m going to offer up a bit about the characters today, starting with Captain Henry Guffald.

Henry is the wit to Percival Avery’s verve. (Many of you will remember Percy from Book One, Duke by Day, Rogue by Night.) Unlike Percy however, Henry was born to a lowly farmer and had to work his way to a commission under Admiral Nelson, particularly Simon Danbury who commands Nelson’s Tea, the undercover mercenary group formed to aid Nelson in his bid to overthrow Napoleon and his minion in Spain and France. But scaling the ranks doesn’t allow Henry the connections he desires. Spurned by Lady Constance Danbury’s father, he loses all hope of ever being able to marry the woman he loves. Desperate, he makes a costly mistake that almost ends Constance’s life and leaves him with an unbearable limp.

Lady Adele Seaton, aka Captain Belle, has grown up watching her six brothers sail off to ports unknown, only to return regaling her with their smuggling adventures. Particularly close to Garrick Seaton, her eldest brother, Adele will do anything to impress him, including rebeling against her own sex. Her family has other ideas however. As an earl’s daughter, she should act like a lady and marry well. But when Garrick is captured and imprisoned in Spain, Adele obsconds with her father’s ship and attempts to rescue him. There’s one problem… She needs an English ship to deliver Garrick’s ransom, per Capitan Delgado’s request. The remedy? She knows just where to find one and doesn’t hesitate. What follows is mayhem, broken sterotypes, rollicking good Regency fun ~ another Nelson’s Tea adventure.

Simon BakerSo who inspired Henry, my intelligent wity English Officer? Simon Baker from The Mentalist! If you’ve seen The Mentalist, you’ll understand why Simon fit Henry perfectly. Henry’s history with pirates has made him harder-edged, a much more deadly adversary, just as Patrick Jane‘s association with Red John has made him more attuned and connected to disecting crime scenes and understanding criminals.

Amanda Righetti 2I’ve always been curious about Amanda Righetti‘s character, Van Pelt, in The Mentalist. I knew Adele was a hot-headed redhead. She’s taller than your average woman too, based on her family DNA (six brothers Garrick, William, Max, Rigby, James and Keane). Amanda’s expressions, her body movements, and go-to spirit, proved she was perfect inspiration for my female pirate, Captain Belle.

Put a man seeking redemption for wanting what he couldn’t have with a woman out to prove herself to her family and watch the sparks fly, me hearties! Oh, and I did I mention they both know how to sword fight? Magic!!!

To celebrate, one lucky commenter will receive a copy of The Rogue’s Prize!