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I’ve been out on patrol, me hearties. I do apologize for neglecting to post, but great things have been happening in Bonelandia. I’d like to share a few with you today!

roses2Winners were announced for my Goodreads Giveaway on July 1st. Congratulations to Loren Palmer, Emma Barry, Law Mcmillan, Darcie Cooper, and Valerie Mallette!!! An autographed copy of Duke by Day, Rogue by Night, along with promo and surprises, will be shipped to you this week. Arrrr!!!

Next up, I wanted to share that I received my very first review for The roses2Rogue’s Prize, **4 Crowns** at Long Ago Love’s Historical Romance Books Blog. You can read the entire review here: Long Ago Love and it’s also featured at Twitter, FB, StumbleUpon, Google+ and Pinterest. The Goodreads’ link is here: Goodreads.com. Long Ago Love will also feature The Rogue’s Prize on their blog on July 9th. Don’t miss it! Woot!!!

Ending snippet ~ Long Ago Love says: “The plot was good, the characters interesting and so is the dialogue. It is wonderfully written and for a pirate-lover like me; this novel was ideal to start my Summer reading spree with.”

AND, my dearest crew, today I received a **5 Star** review at Amazon.com here: The Rogue’s Prize

Ending snippet ~ Everlasting Reader says: “The story was wonderful and the characters easily visualized. The Rogue’s Prize is well written, entertaining, and addicting. I believe I have found my niche in historical romance with the Rogue. Highly recommend to all readers.”

As you can imagine, I’m thoroughly jazzed and calling for all of me crew to partay like pirates with Jack and company! Roll out the barrels of rum and stow them away. Light up the torches! Let’s sail into the caves ala Caribbean style and escape the cares of the day. Of course, your Kindle and Nook readers are welcome too. Do load up on supplies…

Lost Treasure Captive PrincessAVAST! Are you aware that Crimson Romance is celebrating one year in publishing? Yes, indeed. Your treasure gets more bling, my friends. How so, ye ask? I’ll be telling ya. An entire year’s worth of Ebook romance is on sale for $1.99. Guess what that includes? You got it!!! Duke by Day, Rogue by Night AND Lost Treasure, Captive Princess (my lil contemporary that could). You can find my $1.99 books by going to my author page: Katherine Bone’s Amazon Author Page

Celebrate Independence Day the good old fashion way: rations, mates and pandemonium, while escaping through time.

Enjoy, me hearties!!!