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Ahoy!!! I’m back for a short period of time. And isn’t it grand?

You see… I’ve been gone on an adventure, me hearties. One that included a hospital stay, neck surgery to repair a prior surgery, and two incisions. It surely hasn’t been fun but it has definitely been needed to help me manage the pain I’ve been in for over a year.

Now that surgery is behind me, I’m recovering, which doesn’t allow for much time online, sad to say. I’m trying my best to have an online presence by managing things by my smart phone because it’s hard to sit at my computer for any length of time. But I’m back! And in top form, if I do say so myself. LOL!!!

Join me today at Romance Magicians where I’m blogging about my surgery, linking it to Frankenstein, and providing a few lovely mashups of Jane Austen.


Hope to see you there, me hearties!!!

Until next time, I send you blessings.