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International Talk Like a Pirate Day

International Talk Like a Pirate Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahoy, me hearties! It’s THE day of all days, Talk Like a Pirate Day!!! A day when pirates everywhere break away from their lairs, venture out into the open, daring captivity and/or the hempin jig to stretch their lungs, brandish weapons, flaunt their figures, plunder and pilfer more rum, while waving their fingers like this!!! (Pirate!)

Love me some pirate slang, don’t you? I wrote a fun blog at www.southernmagic.org and www.romancemagicians.blogspot.com on September 3rd about pirate slang. You could go back into the archives and check it out.

What ones do I love to use on a daily basis?

* Bilge Rats! ~ Whenever I’m aggravated and ready to shoot an undead monkey. “This shot’s not meant for you.”

* Ye scabberous dog, ye! ~ When a crewmate has gotten on me bad side. Or me scoundrel of a dog has wrecked me cabin.

* Arrrr and Tarrr!!! ~ Just because it’s a combination of a greeting, surprise, and curse all in one.

* Scallywag! ~ A gent what’s been entertaining trouble and needs his rum rationed.

* Love ya, ye swab! ~ A term I adore using with me favorites… aka. me crew.

* Pilfer me weasely guts out. ~ Sick as a dog. As I was a week ago. Not a pretty sight me hearties.

Here be just a few of me favorites, lads and lassies. What use of pirate speak do ye prefer?

Venture here if’n ye want a chance to win a copy of The Rogue’s Prize: http://wp.me/p2Bh6z-55k (Goes live at 12:10 a.m.) Great tips on how to make the most of Talk Like a Pirate Day for ye, me hearties!!! (Long John Silver and Krispy Kreme celebratin ye!)

Stay tuned for more this next week. I’ll have pirate recipes and giveaways galore, all the way through September 28th! That be treasure for them what follows the code.

Wishing ye fair skies and calm seas!