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Aye, ’tis a glorious start to the new week, me hearties. Sun shining through a misty haze. A good breeze ticklin me ruffled cuffs. Fine sailing ahead, I wager. Yes, Moaning Monday isn’t quite worth moaning about, because a new horizon looms ahead. Have you made your goals for the week? I’m writing My Lord Rogue, Lord Simon Danbury’s story, a Nelson’s Tea Novella. In fact, the novella heralds the assembly of the men of Nelson’s Tea with an appearance by Admiral Nelson, himself.

News from last week? Though incredibly thrilled by my first appearance on the Amazon bestseller’s list, I’m exhausted coming off the euphoria of Friday’s Kindle Daily Deal. (Special thanks to everyone who bought a 99 cent copy of Duke by Day, Rogue by Night!!! I adore ye all!!!) Because of you, the book ranked #1 in Regency and #1 in Historical for 3 days. Woot!!! At the peak of the day, Duke ranked #5 in Literature and Contemporary Fiction (Stephen King’s 3 books were part of the 4 books ahead of Duke by Day!). And to round out the list, Duke ranked #18 in Kindle Paid Books!!! Arrrrr!!! Color me thrilled!!!

Now you know how happy my weekend was, right? But that’s not all. When I wasn’t doing a hempin jig, I attended a day long workshop by Amy Atwell in Birmingham, AL., and got to spend a fabulous time with my youngest grandson to boot. Woot!!! But, oh!, how my recovering neck tires out so easily, me hearties. Whew! Back on meds again… Meds are my substitute rum these days. Meds will have to do…

But enough about me! Hark, what giftie in yonder window breaks? A couple of giveaways, to be sure!!!

1. A signal flag, me dearies. Here’s the last Kenny Chesney Rum Cocktail recipe I promised ye ~ The Pirate Flag!

Pour 1.5 oz. coconut rum and 4-6 oz. Diet Cola into an ice-filled highball glass. Stir briefly. Garnish with lemon wedge.

Duke by Day IPhone 3GS Cover2. If you’ve still got an IPhone 3GS, I’m giving away an IPhone 3GS phone cover with Duke by Day, Rogue by Night’s book cover on it. All you have to do is post your favorite pirate in the comment section of this blog post.

Wishing ye a fun-filled week full of wondrous surprises!!!