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Hey, gang!

I’ve set sail and have made port at History Undressed today with a bit of history on Admiral Nelson and why he made great inspiration for my Nelson’s Tea Series. I hope you’ll stop by!

Admiral Nelson 2

A Bit of History on Admiral Nelson by Katherine Bone

Welcome guest author, Katherine Bone, to History Undressed! She’s written a bit of history on Admiral Nelson for us today. Enjoy!

As a child I held the Captain Horatio Hornblower movie with Gregory Peck in the highest esteem. Fast forward to the not so present future, inspired by movies Pirates of the Caribbean, Master and Commander, and the new BBC series Captain Horatio Hornblower with Ioan Gruffald, a splendid idea hit me. Why not write your own series? Eager to combine romance, action and adventure, I set out to do a lot of research on Admiral Nelson in preparation for a pirate series I envisioned. The novels would be set between 1800-1806, when England was battling Napoleon on land and water.