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Imagination is a viable thing. It provides release from unpleasantness and pain. In novels, it also has the power to usher in survival instincts, while leading readers on wild adventures they typically could not experience otherwise. Ah, the magic of storytelling!

On the Threshold, Edmund Blair Leighton

People are fascinating, aren’t they? Why people make the choices they make can, at times, both mystify and paralyze. In books, rather than film, readers have the opportunity to get into a character’s head. By hearing the thoughts that provoke action, readers take part in life-altering choices and experiences without suffering the ramifications of the physical act itself.

This is why I love writing historical romance. Historical information molds my characters and settings. Though I know the outcome of an historical event, the outcome of a romance is clear and never deviates. There MUST always be a happy conclusion, what we writers term as the HEA (Happily Ever After).

Stop by the Crimson Romance Editor’s Blog today to see how historical heroes figured into my Nelson’s Tea series, me hearties. You may be surprised whom you’ll find on my list!!!