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Woe! Me hearties, I offer infamous apologies for not having blogged in a month. So much has been going on. Truly, I’ve neglected to share. I hope that will change as my life gets back in order, especially during the holidays. I promise pictures and stats to come!!!




The First Thanksgiving, painting by Jean Louis...

The First Thanksgiving, painting by Jean Louis Gerome Ferris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


But first, days before we celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s uber important for me to thank you for sharing this blog journey with me. You’ve been most kind to follow my adventures and for that I’m truly grateful. Events come and go surprisingly fast, don’t they? Feelings and emotions change at the drop of a hat. But Thanksgiving only comes one day out of a year. It stands to remind me that Thanksgiving isn’t the only time we can reach out to show others they’re appreciated. I think that’s one reason I find this time of year so monumental. It’s a reminder that I need to thank those around me more often.




A writer’s journey is a solitary one. But it doesn’t have to be, if one remembers to reach out and share, learn, grow, and be comforted by other writers, readers, bloggers, and fans (those coveted members of society writer’s long to win over). I call this select group my brethren court. They help keep me sane. Offer moments of reason. Share experiences that boost my spirits. Laugh at me, for me, and with me. (Isn’t laughter the best medicine of all?)




A long time ago, I wrote an article for my local writing chapter’s newsletter, The Heart Monitor, titled Squanto, and I hope you’ll find it interesting. You can read it here. Little is really known about the man who crossed the ethnic divide to help strangers in need. He wasn’t perfect. He was personally motivated. But in the end, he left a lasting legacy that spawned a country. Enjoy!!!




Lots to do. My ship has been getting an overhaul in preparation for family’s arrival. Very soon, my office/study (where the adventures begin and end) will be polished to perfection. I’m back to writing again. Woot! Neck is on the mend after weeks and weeks of therapy. So much to be thankful for these days, me hearties!




Has there been a Squanto in your life? Someone who reached out to teach you something that made a world of difference in how you lived?