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Happy New Year, me hearties!!! 2014 has finally arrived! Did it come in with a bang or a pop? More like a pop for me and me crew.

After spending a wonderful New Year’s Eve night with my grandsons, I’m settling in for some College Football ~ Nebraska vs Georgia and LSU vs Iowa. I adore watching college football from my captain’s cabin, complete with family to shoot off cannon salutes for every touchdown. (Bada Bing, Bada Boom!)

Sports has taught me so much about living day-to-day. You take hits in various forms, but rise again to rush enemy lines, dart toward that horizon and/or kick a coveted field goal. No two games are the same. No two days are the same. Yes, life lessons aplenty found on the turf.

While watching football, the order of the day on January 1st is to create a goal sheet for the new year, full of challenges, ways to improve myself and enjoy the year ahead with family and friends. Last year found me awash in neck pain. Surgery is behind me now. (Hand flail!) Recovery ongoing. But a light on yon horizon gleams brightly. I’m sailing toward it. Sailing toward a place of writing euphoria, good health, and hoped for success.

I wish the same for you all, m’dears. Reach for the stars in 2014. Don’t settle. Improve. Rise above. Believe to receive! Resolutions and goals are meant to inspire, not retire.

Raise your eyes toward the stars, adjust your heading (that way), and prove the earth is round, not flat, not filled with endless dreary days and nights of the same.

Seek adventure! Someone’s got to do it! (Pirate!)