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This is a most exciting day, me loverly crew! Today, I’m revealing the new book cover for Duke by Day, Rogue by Night, set to relaunch with EsKape EPress Publishing sometime in February (no exact date yet).

Yes indeedie, it’s the same first book in my pirate series. Different cover. New editing! I’m so jazzed my Nelson’s Tea Series will finally have a pirate romance cover. Soon to follow, my upcoming novella based on Simon Danbury’s efforts to secure Admiral Nelson’s organization of clandestine rogues comprising my Regency Action/Adventure Romance Series. Huzzah!!!

Holding back this goodness from you for nearly a month has been extremely hard. It’s like those pirates on Black Sails. Can you imagine them holding back anything? They can’t, you know. It’s not within them to pull any punches. It’s all bravado and swashbuckle. Lots and lots of swashbuckle. Sigh… That’s how I like my pirates. But I’ll save my thoughts and extended commentary on Black Sails and Captain Flint on the new Starz series, which I adore, for another day. In the meantime, I’ll console myself with dreaming about Toby Stephens, who also happens to be the inspiration for Simon Danbury, Viscount Bourne, from my prequel novella My Lord Rogue.

As you head off to read my interview via Collette Cameron, author extraordinaire, don’t forget to check out Collette’s Blue Rose Romance Anniversary Blog Hop & Giveaway. I’m talkin’ prizes galore, me hearties!!! Sign up now. Deadline is January 31st!


So without further ado… Drum roll, please….. I give you Collette Cameron’s Blue Rose Romance blog, my interview, and the BIG REVEAL!!!

Make sure to stop back by and let me know what you think of Duke by Day’s new look. Piratey awesomeness, I say. And heck, I’ll just use the word I made up last night watching Imagine Dragons perform with Kendrick Lamar on the Grammys… “Faballz!” (Fabulous + Amazeballz = Faballz!)