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G’day, mates! I’ve set sail and made port at Tara Kingston’s blog: Smart, Sexy Adventures of the Heart. Woot! (Love that tagline!) Tara’s a wonderful hostess too! 😉

Stop by and take a gander at how Cap’n Jack and I answered Tara’s great questions, won’t you? There be a smart lil’ giveaway included: $10 Amazon Gift Card. Huzzah!

Meanwhile, I’m still reeling from my great fortune at EsKape Press Publishing. Isn’t the new look for Duke by Day, Rogue by Night grand?

More news: Four weeks of being sick and a quick visit to the doctor revealed I have a sinus infection. The sawbones prescribed meds. Whew! I’m more than ready to dump this cough into the locker and take my place at the helm. Mayhap I’ll be right as rain by Monday. Until then, I’m deep in editing mode. Yes, along with a new look, Duke by Day is getting a fresh clean read too, and I’m lovin’ the direction this book is going.


And don’t forget today is the last day to enter author Collette Cameron’s fabulous anniversary Giveaway. I’ve got a $25 Amazon Gift Card up for grabs! Huzzah and Hoorah!

More soon…