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Great news! Duke by Day, Rogue by Night is tentatively scheduled to relaunch close to Valentine’s Day! What a wonderful day to share me treasure, eh? That be me book of the heart to them what knows. Huzzah!!! Mayhap I’ll be able to share more great news at the EsKape Press Valentine’s FB Partay. (Click the link, sign up, and make sure to join me February 13th!)

eskape banner3Lately, I’ve been deep in edits, working long hours, and sacrificing sleep to get this book just perfect so my readers won’t put it down. You know the old saying… “no work and all play…”

I’m beyond thrilled to announce galleys should be on their way soon, with ARCs to follow, and a prebuy button to launch. Yeeaauuss! Did I mention I love EsKape Press?

DukebyDayRoguebyNight500x750My new editors are fantastic! They’ve really helped me dig deeper into Percy’s dilemma and Constance’s struggle to escape a forced marriage. And here’s the broadside, while editing this book, I’ve cried and even gotten goosebumps! That’s a wonderful sign, right?

So today, while waiting on the last of my edits to come through, I ordered Chinese for lunch. I simply can’t get Chinese food without me fortune cookie fix. Well, after filling my gullet with some mighty fine victuals, I mean ~ shrimp fried rice, I dug into said cookie. It was a big “Aha!” moment, friends.

Check out this swag find: “It’s very possible that you will achieve greatness in your lifetime.”

Huzzah and Hoorah!!! Isn’t that what every pirate wants? To walk the decks with pride and know their name will fly on that signal flag forever? Color me beaming ear to ear. (Definitely not a fortune that could wait for #FF Fortune Friday on me Official FB Page.)

So now, I leave you with this thought. Everyone is born for greatness. No matter what storms you faced yesterday, you face today, or may happen to face tomorrow, that horizon is waiting for you! YOU!!! I said, “YOU!”

What an extraordinary Tuesday fortune. Life is about evolving and I hope you’ll continue to follow me and Duke’s metamorphosis. It’s gonna be epic!