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Ahoy, me hearties! I’m raising the signal flag for fellow EsKape Press author, Samantha Combs today. Samantha is an award-winning writer of ten published books, and some really cool short stories published in some really cool places (Dark Moon Digest, Dark Eclipse magazine, and Smoke and Mirrors podcasts)

The great news today? EsKape Press is offering a rafflecoptor giveaway of a Nook and an Amazon Gift Card in honor of Samantha’s book release, Wingspan! Huzzah! (Sign up for the rafflecoptor at the end of this blog post)


Chessa Dawning never thought she’d be the kind of girl who’d be on the run.  Yet, here she was, having left the only home she’s ever known, staying two steps ahead of the men chasing her and falling for a resourceful ex-criminal with colorful friends. And that was just this week.

Most of the time, Charlotte Lake can’t believe her life.  The reluctant leader of a rebel faction called the Ginger Nation, Charlie’s days are filled with planning surveillance, rescuing detainees, and exposing government conspiracy.  Surrounded by loyal friends and soldiers, she knows she can never reveal the true nature of her quest: finding her real father.

When a sudden twist in both their lives brings these two girls together, revelations about their past will make them rethink where they came from, and define their future in ways they never could have imagined.  Not every scientific breakthrough is a gift.

Meet Samantha:

UntitledSamantha Combs is a Southern California author with ten published books: Her Young Adult paranormal titles, the Global Ebook Award-winning debut title SPELLBOUND, SPELLBOUND’s sequel, EVERSPELL, GHOSTLY, WATERDANCER, THE DEADLIES, and WINGSPAN, a middle grade horror called THE DETENTION DEMON, and her adult horror collections, TEETH AND TALONS, WAY PAST MIDNIGHT and HELLOWEEN. She enjoys writing YA paranormals, both dark and light, and supernatural fantasy and romance, but it is her love of horror that started it all. Thanks, Mr. King.

When she’s not writing, she works full-time and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. Her guilty pleasures include reality television, the Food Network channel and shoes. She truly believes she can accomplish anything if she has the right pair of shoes. And she adores totally inappropriate earrings.

Samantha loves writing and publishing her work and is in awe of the technological advances of our lives. With all of the genres there are for a reader, she has learned that writing paranormal and horror lets her share all the weirdness of everyday life in a not-so-everyday way. The foundation of a good story is all around her. All she has to do is….breathe.

Pirates love to breathe. Mayhap that’s what keeps ’em from doing the hempin jig, eh? Pirates also love bootay. So don’t delay! Sign up for a chance to win at the EsKape Press link to a Rafflecopter giveaway today!!!