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DukebyDayRoguebyNight500x750I adore new beginnings! For instance, today is Monday, the start to a new week. Even better, in 8 days my pirate romance, Duke by Day, Rogue by Night will relaunch with a new book cover, fresh editing, and a new publisher, EsKape Press. (That’s March 11th to them what knows!) Woot!!! What could be sweeter, eh?

Well now… break open a new barrel. Full rations all ’round! I’ve got more great news to share. 😉

Jack flashes a gold-toothed grin. Hand flail. “This calls for rum, luv.”

“Rum, it is, Jack.”

“I love it when the rum isn’t gone,” he says, sauntering off. Moving his fingers like this.

Why are we so high-spirited this morning? Today, my website has a brand new look!!!!! The barnacles have been scrapped off and new paint applied. Yes! My uber-talented darling youngest daughter, Juliana Bone, Graphic Designer extraordinaire, has redesigned my website! And one of the greatest things about this new design? Besides the uber goodness? You can now find me in one place!

Yes, it be true. This blog is now part of my website. All my books are now visible and active with buy links. You can find me actively participating on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, and more. AND, if that’s not enough to tickle your pirate fancy, there be a sign up for my brand new newsletter too. Huzzah! (Once I get subscribers, I’ll be sending out the signal flag but only occasionally with news about upcoming books. I promise not to post too many confusing signal flags or send my ravens to other ports!)

Jack swaggers over and purses his lips. “‘Tis a fine promise, to be sure.”

Yes! And one I’ll keep. Oh, what a joy it is to be a romance author. The best part is sharing my blog and stories with you, me hearties!

“To new adventures!” Jack swallows his dram in one gulp. “EPIC adventures involving tempting treasure!”

Oh, Jack! Let’s toast our new epic journey together. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll take a look around, me hearties, at: http://www.katherinebone.com.