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DukebyDayRoguebyNight500x750Ahoy, me hearties! This is a grand day, indeed because today marks the beginning of a new era for Duke by Day, Rogue by Night, Book One in my Nelson’s Tea Series.  Packed with action adventure pirate romance, wit and verve, the ton, lively characters, and damsels in distress, Duke is the first book for first sons serving Admiral Nelson at England’s most harrowing hour. Huzzah!!!

If you like intrigue, espionage, mixed with humor and romance, this series is for you!

1911970_4004212240045_837915818_nIf you want to help me celebrate Duke’s relaunch, sail to my Facebook Relaunch Celebration Partay, Thursday, March 13th between 7-10 p.m. (Eastern time) We’ve got prizes galore in store!!! Don’t miss your chance to win! (Didn’t Patty Seino-Gordon make the most awesome banner for the event, luvs?)

Huzzah and Hoorah! My blog is connected to my new website so take a few moments to meander about ship. Admire the view too. (Extra rum for me darling daughter who designed me humble abode.) And, if you’re so inclined, mayhap you’ll sign up for my brand new newsletter. Missives will only be sent it out when my signal flag raises with release news. Woot!

Oh, and did I fail to mention Jack has promised to sail in to help us celebrate on Thursday?

There will be rum…