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1911970_4004212240045_837915818_nARRRRRGH! I mean, ahoy! I’m celebrating Duke by Day, Rogue by Night’s release today on Facebook, March 13th between 7-10 p.m. (Eastern time)

There will be pirate shenanigans!!!

“And rum, luv?” Jack grins. “Tell me, there will be rum.”

Aye, Captain! Hand flail.

Besides rum, revelry, pirate diddies, and good times with friends, I’ve got great prizes in store: gift cards, gift cards combined with goodies, Nelson’s Tea bracelets, and two pirate trunks loaded with treasure and chocolate doubloons!

Over 140 crewmates are stepping aboard ship. Don’t miss your chance to join the fun and get your name into the lottARRRRy!