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“Espionage, secrecy, and thwarted assassination attempts. The only thing more dangerous is being in love…” ~ MY LORD ROGUE

Book One in the Nelson's Tea Series

Book One in the Nelson’s Tea Series

It’s Friday and lots of fabulous things are underway on board ship. DUKE BY DAY, ROGUE BY NIGHT has finally hit #1 on the Amazon.com Regency Bestseller List. Woot! (Special thanks go out to my editors and crew at EsKape Press, The Rogues, Rebels & Rakes Street Team, and all my lovely readers for helping make this possible! DUKE couldn’t have done this without you all. Mwah! 😀 )

But I’ve got more good news, luvs. Today, I’m revealing the next ship venturing out to sea, MY LORD ROGUE! This book, a Nelson’s Tea Novella, is Lord Simon Danbury’s and Gillian, Baroness Chauncey’s story, and chronicles how Nelson’s Tea is formed. (Shout out to reader, Lady Jayne Smith, for planting the precious seed that Simon needed his own book. Woot!) Strangely enough, Simon has taken on a life of his own. He’s such a wonderful character that I’m working on his second novella now! Huzzah and hoorah!

Drum roll please, Jack.

Dadadadadada da. Jack grins… “Feast your eyes on this, me hearties! Captain is so very proud!”

MyLordRogue453x680MY LORD ROGUE

Gillian Chauncey, Baroness Chauncey, is a master of disguise, trained by her expatriated husband, a former French royalist, in the arts of espionage. When a dangerous life or death secret lands in her lap, she’s thrust into a perilous world of ticking clocks and desperation, arrowing her directly into the arms of the man who arranged her marriage.

Lord Simon Danbury is no ordinary nobleman. He’s been tasked by Admiral Nelson to organize an elite group of clandestine first sons willing to sacrifice all to protect England’s shores. When an assassination attempt is made on Nelson, Simon isn’t sure what poses more danger, the enemy or the masterfully seductive Gillian.

ARCs should be ready around April 20th and the book is tentatively scheduled for a May 6th release! I can’t wait to share this lively novella with you, dear readers!

As your heading leads to the weekend, this sums up Simon’s quest best: “It doesn’t take a lot of strength to hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go.” ~ J.C. Watts