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MyLordRogue453x680ARRRGH! There be storms pummeling America’s mid-section as I write this. I do hope my power doesn’t go out tonight, me hearties, but my most fervent hope is that all of you are out of danger. Take care of yourselves if you’re in the path of these storms!

As to power outages: thankfully, I just handed in edits for MY LORD ROGUE. Whew! Just in time too. I can’t wait for this book’s release! Lord Simon Danbury and Gillian Chauncey are so riveting they’ve requested another novella. I’m happy to announce MY LADY ROGUE will be a follow-up. Yay!!!

Life took me by storm this past weekend, pardon the pun. My oldest daughter came home with her son, my youngest grandson, and we had a great visit. Mimi even got to stand watch on deck, Friday. Woot! Oooh! Torn between two lovahs… Yes, I had to split my time between Lord Simon Danbury and my adorable grandson. Lovin’ is so hard to do. 😉

I’m also part of a writing challenge that’s been extended to RT, May 13th, via Paperbacks ‘n Papercuts with authors: M.V. Freeman, Moriah Densley, D.B. SiedersD.T. Krippene. Winners reach 20K written words. Losers (prepare for a broadside) get to post ridiculous pictures of themselves in scandalous poses. Prepare ye for Captain’s worst. TARRR! HARRR! Captain’s only scored 2K so fARRRRR. ARRRGH!

Tote Bag


As for RT, I’ve got great promo coming. Huzzah! I’ve ordered some awesome tote bags that I’ll be carrying around with me.

If you see me, come up and say “ARRRGH!”

I’ll pass out some of these, plus I’ll have some Rogues, Rebels, & Rakes buttons for ye all.Stress Bones RT

Well, I must sign off. Tornado sirens blaring.

Wishing ye peaceful skies…