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Holy Cat-o-Nines! It’s been a long time since I’ve written in my Captain’s Log!

Life has taken me on so many adventures this summer, me hearties. RT in May, which I plan to continue blogging about, Handsome Son #2 home on leave from Alaska for 3 weeks, Darling Daughter #1 moving in with her 20 month old son after a very difficult divorce, traveling to Nebraska for 8 days to visit Handsome Son #1 and his family, and finally my rogue’s surgery not a few weeks ago.

In between, I’ve been doing edits on THE ROGUE’S PRIZE, getting it ready for relaunch. Not to mention, finishing up MY LADY ROGUE so I can send it in to my editor. I’ve also been told that ROMANCING THE JEWEL, formally titled Lost Treasure, Captive Princess, is with an editor now. Yeeaauuss! Busy days ahead! ARRRgh! Wouldn’t have it any other way. 😉

Lately, I’ve hardly met myself coming and going. It’s beginning to take a toll. So prior to doctoring rogue during his 30 day rest after surgery, I made a life-altering decision. I’m leaving my day job to write full-time. Woot!!!

Pull out a rum cask, Jack! It’s time to celebrate!!!

“Since when do we need a reason, lass?”

Good point. *winks as Jack shoots a gold-toothed grin*

Yes, that means more time to write all these wonderful adventures clamoring to be told. And lollapalooza, I’ve got to work fast. There are too many characters talking in my head as it is. 😉

Meanwhile, I’ve been part of some amazing contests and had tons of fun! But summer’s not over yet and there’s still more adventure to be had. esKape Press celebrates its one year Anniversary in September. So hang around like a barnacle and make yourself at home. Great ports to be made!