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Ahoy, me hearties! Life takes us down many different curves in the road, but somewhere over the hills, mountains, and rainbows we drive out to a majestic view of the sea shore. Today is one of those days!

Italian Prince meets Southern Lady

Italian Prince meets Southern Lady

While I was trying to get my pirate books published, I entered a little contest called the Mills & Boon New Voices Contest. (Many of you may remember this story well.) The idea was to write my very first contemporary to see if I was any good at it and whether or not the genre was one I wanted to explore. Oddly enough, I had a lot of fun writing that first chapter which became LOST TREASURE, CAPTIVE PRINCESS. It didn’t final, but ultimately I finished the book and submitted it to Crimson Romance. The rest is history or is it… backstory? 😉

While the cover CR gave the book was phenomenal, many people said they thought LT,CP was a historical romance. That’s when I realized branding was key. This year, I sent the book to my current publisher EsKape Press. Together we’ve rebranded the book with a new cover, title, and editing for relaunch, tentatively September 23, 2014.

Behold the new and improved LOST TREASURE, CAPTIVE PRINCESSROMANCING THE JEWEL! Isn’t it hot?

RomancingtheJewel500x750 (2)Carolina didn’t think being kidnapped by a prince was too bad…until he stole her heart.

Caroline Beugre is a small town girl who longs for her own upscale jewelry store in downtown Atlanta. To fund her nest egg, she’s created a copy of an emerald necklace from her uncle’s private collection, hoping the gems will be her ticket to stardom. Little does she know her decision will lead her into the hands of an intensely powerful charismatic man determined to uncover the secrets of her past and ignite her passions.

Italian prince Gian-Paolo Montovanni risks losing his throne if he doesn’t put an end to his playboy ways and produce a fiancée no later than his thirtieth birthday. The problem? His princess-to-be must be wearing the Montovanni emeralds, a traditional gift which hasn’t been seen for twenty years. When he discovers an American is selling a copy of his mother’s gems, he will do anything to find them — including romancing the jewel.

Branding is key! While ROMANCING THE JEWEL is a contemporary, I’m still channeling my inner pirate with the Terrhenian Sea and a yacht. Just sayin…

Jack gives me a wry wink. “I’ve an inklin’ to keep ye for meself.”

“Ah, Jack! They’ll have to strip you clean away from me bones.” 😉

What do you think about the new cover, me hearties?