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Writing about pirates has long been my passion, as many of you already know. When the idea for my Nelson’s Tea Series came along, I knew I had stumbled upon something exciting — characters vying to have their stories told, regardless of the struggle. Fast forward six years of ups and downs and intriguing adventure. Duke by Day, Rogue by Night’s journey to publication has been quite a journey, me hearties. Contests, pitches, 3 1/2 years negotiating with Harlequin, and two publishers later, I can honestly say, my characters have found a wonderful home at EsKape Press Publishing. And today, I’m happy to announce, Constance’s and Percy’s story is experiencing another rebirth.


RomancingtheRogue3DAll Hallow’s Eve ~ Halloween. Woot!!! A brilliant time to re-introduce Duke by Day, my Regency Pirate Romance phoenix to a wider audience is through a combined box set with 10 other fabulous authors offering readers a bundle of joy in just one purchase. I can’t tell you how humbled I am to have my book included with USA Today Bestsellers Rose Gordon & Christi Caldwell, including Moriah Densley, Ruth J. Hartman, Kim Bowman & Kay Springsteen, Kristin Vayden, Patricia Kiyono, B.G. Lashbrooks, and Melissa MacKinnon. Huzzah and Hoorah!!!

But that’s not all! What’s a book release without a celebration, eh? To raise the signal flag, we’re hosting a giveaway venture at Eskape EPress Pulblishing’s FB Page. Oh, a true pirate loves a good treasure hunt. Aye, that he/she does.

“To be sure, luv,” Jack heartily agrees.

*So here’s what ye have to do mateys. Read me excerpt carefully then go to the EP FB Page and follow the instructions listed under EP BLOG BONANZA GIVEAWAY and answer me question for a chance to win. And… if’n ye feel real lucky, don’t forget to follow the trail to other bonanza posts by these FANtastic authors.

*But that’s not all. Oh no! Pirates love to share booty and Jack and me be no different! Be sure to leave a comment below deck. We’ll have a prize package dragged out of the hold for one lucky commenter. ARRRRR!!!!

Jack swirls his fingers in the air. “Aye. ‘Twill be better than the black spot.”

Here’s a peek into Duke by Day, Rogue by Night. Remember. Read well and comment for a chance to win then sail over to the EP BLOG BONANZA GIVEAWAY to post your answer there for a chance to win EP’s big prize. ARRRR!!!


Book One in the Nelson's Tea Series

Book One in the Nelson’s Tea Series

IN THE SMALL confines of the captain’s cabin, Constance shivered as Percy held her in his lap, massaging her stiff muscles, encouraging blood flow back into her torso. Eager for his warmth, she leaned into his touch and, with primitive longing, wrapped her stiff, cold arms around his waist.

“Why didn’t you let me die?”

“Shush. You’re safe now,” he promised.

“L-liar,” she stammered as a chill swept through her. “You’re a pirate.”

Frink’s attempted rape, the violence men were capable of, flashed before his eyes. It galled him to be linked to a man like Frink. He understood her view of him however. She’d not seen anything to convince her otherwise — yet.

He answered her honestly. “Aye. I’m a liar and a pirate.” He reached for the desk and picked up a bottle of French brandy — probably smuggled in from Portugal — on the side table. “Now drink this. It’ll warm your bones.”

She eyed him skeptically, shaking without stop as she grabbed the proffered container and greedily swallowed a large gulp of the fiery amber liquid. Her eyes brightened. Her nostrils flared. Then she coughed uncontrollably.

“Burns?” At her nod, he added, “Drink up. The burning serves to warm you from the inside out.”

“For what purpose?”

“Whatever purpose I choose,” he said.

Her green eyes narrowed and her eyebrows furrowed. “I’ll die before I succumb to the likes of you.”

“So you’ve promised.”

She drank another long swig of brandy and stared up at him, her eyes piercing into his soul. “You saved me,” she said, her voice whisper soft. “A pirate saved me.” Then, before he could reply, she heaved a dreamy sigh and collapsed into oblivion.

All for the better, he supposed.

Lifting the cask to his lips, Percy turned it over and shook the empty bottle. Damn his ill-fated luck. He looked down at his commander’s fragile relation. Fate had an indecent way of mocking him. Constance Danbury was a woman he’d be a fool to spoil. She was meant for dandies and tepid young men of gentle persuasion, not a man with secrets or vengeful ambitions.

Casting the empty cask aside, Percy lifted Constance in his arms. He laid her on Frink’s bunk — his bunk. Her body warmed beneath his fingers. Her weary face lay obscured in shadow. In the stillness of the cabin, he could hear her breathe and took great pleasure in the fact that her lungs sounded clear.

He contemplated the treasure he’d found. Simon had mentioned that The Duke of Throckmorton kept his daughter on a short leash. For that reason, he’d seen her on only one other occasion — a ball three years earlier where Nelson’s Tea had met for a secret rendezvous with the admiral. Would she recognize him?

*Remember the question is at the EP BLOG BONANZA GIVEAWAY page. Post the answer there then come back here and post your answer for a chance to win twice! ARRRR!!!

Pirate on!