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captain jack sparrow 4All hands! Jack is back!

Flashes a gold-tooth sparklin’ grin. Lend an ear, ye scallywags, for I be here to announce winners from Lady Patricia Preston’s and Lady Donna Cummings’ interview. Aye, we had a rowdy crew on board ship. Hyjinks. Laughter. There was rope… Where was I? Ah, yes. Katherine thanks ye all for sharin’ the booty, as it were.



Speaking of booty... But I digress. I’m here to spill the rum, no, crumbs, no. Aha! Fun!

Congratulations are in order for Rose Anderson and Glenda! You’ve won a $5 Gift Card from Lady Patricia and Lady Donna. Huzzah!!! Katherine raised signal flags revealing your heading.


Now forgive me. Too much rum into the wee hours of the morning. I simply must search for my effects while Katherine is busy in her writing cave.

Fair winds and all that,

Captain Jack Sparrow