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Jack with RumThree cheers for the winner of Bestselling Author Patricia Kiyono’s interview with Captain Jack Sparrow ~ Lady Deborah O’Neill Cordes!!!

Congratulations, m’lady, I’ve got a bottle of rum set aside just for this occasion! Minted in 1795. Waste not, want not, I always say…

Oh! Where was I? Ah yes, I’ve had my fun with Lady Patricia Kiyono. Lovely wench knows Samurai. Zounds!!! I shall not be sneakin’ into her bed tonight!

Lady Deborah, on the other hand…. Ahem, your gifties, should you like to accept them…

Get your mind out of the scabberous mud! I’ll have ye know I meant Lady Patricia’s books: ROMANCING THE ROGUE Box Set, HOLIDAY ESKAPE Box Set and CHRISTMAS JOURNEY. They shall be settin’ sail to your inbox very soon, luv!


Fondest fondlings… I mean rum imbibing delights!

Captain Jack Sparrow