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Fireworks 5Ahoy, me hearties, I’m here to congratulate the winner of me Release Day post for The Rogue’s Prize. First, apologizes ARRR in order for not getting the announcement posted earlier as planned. With the holidays on the way, there is ever so much to do and I got broadsided by tasks I hadn’t realized would arise. But never you fear, Cap’n is here with a winning name!

Raise the signal flag to the mizzen and break out the rum! Our winning crew member is Pearl Midshipman Mackerel Kneebone set on Revenge, otherwise known as Marcy X!!! You’ve won a $20 PIRATE 101 Game card worth 2 months of pillagin’ and plunderin’. Huzzah!!!

I’ll be contacting ye via email, Lady Marcy, or should I say Mackerel. Look for your winnings there! Woot!!!

Thank ye all for your support!