Ahoy, me hearties! I’m so humbled to have one of my books included in Kilts & Swords latest blog about pirates!!! So much so, I wanted to share it with ye here.



Have a spectacular #MutinyMonday and thank you, Kilts & Swords for such a grand honor!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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One of my favourite tropes is an adventure at sea. I know that modern day pirates are horrible and scary, but there is something about being on the highseas in the previous centuries that makes for a great book.


The seas have always been great fodder for stories. Master and Commander and Robinson Crusoe are vintage stories at sea. Modern day fascination has given us Black Sails and The Pirates of the Caribbean series and show our continued interest in this genre. I remember going on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World as a child and wondering what it would be like to travel by a large ship to a hidden Caribbean getaway. When I started reading historical romance books, one of my favourite genres became the time spent aboard a ship.

USS Constellation

After visiting the USS Constitution this summer in Boston, quite a few of my romanticโ€ฆ

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