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AVAST and here Ye! Here Ye! The Princess of Cambridge has been named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana! Huzzah and Hoorah! Lovely legacy for Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandchild and Princess Diana’s first granddaughter and a wonderful choice for The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

I must admit I’m confused however. References are being made that Charlotte has been chosen in honor of Prince Charles. Hasn’t anyone in the media made the connection between the names George and Charlotte? Or am I just a Regency Romance author who gets jazzed about history coming to life? *grin*

An in-depth look at George and Charlotte can be found on the blog Regency History, Researching Regency and late Georgian History. Lady Rachel Knowles has written great posts about the lives of King George III and Queen Charlotte. She also included links to other posts about the royal family during this time period.


The longest reigning king in Britain’s history, George III was born June 4, 1738. Unfortunately, his reign was overshadowed by the moniker ‘mad king‘. Though he died in 1820, his son, the future George IV, was named Prince Regent in 1811, ushering in our beloved Regency Era. (Though many, including myself classify the Regency as being from 1795-1835.)




Of the royal couple’s fifteen children, nine were boys named George, Frederick, William, Edward, Earnest, Augustus, Adolphus, Octavius and Alfred (the last two dying in infancy). Six were girls: Charlotte, Augusta Sophia, Elizabeth, Mary, Sophia, and Amelia.



George, Prince of Wales became King George IV at the time of his father’s death in 1820, but reigned as Prince Regent beginning in 1811.




Charlotte, Princess Royal and her husband, Prince Friedrich William, the Hereditary Prince of Württemberg were ridiculed in cartoons of the day. She died in 1828.





King George doted on his youngest child, Princess Amelia, especially after the death of his youngest son. Amelia suffered a lengthy illness and died in 1810. King George’s subsequent descent into depression led to mental deterioration and insanity. He died in 1820 at age 81, two years after his wife, Queen Charlotte.


Isn’t history fascinating?

I ask you, why isn’t the media using this moment to cash in on the long-standing history attached to the names George and Charlotte? Like King George and Queen Charlotte, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have ushered in a new era while celebrating the old. What impact will this Prince George and Princess Charlotte duo have on the monarchy? Sky is the limit!

Let the signal flag fly! Everything old is new again!!!