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Ahoy, me hearties! I just sailed in from a wonderful adventure on the high seas with the Root River Pirate himself, Pirate Wayne, on Blog Talk Radio. Wayne asked me to be his very first guest today and I’m so glad I agreed. I had a mARRvelous time chattin’ about my books and pirates, writing and well…. pirates. You couldn’t meet a more agreeable author, if you dared. 😉

captain-jack-sparrow-webJack leans closer. “I thought I was agreeable, luv.”

“That you ARR, but you’ve never offered me a podcast interview.”

“You’ve never complained about where I cast my pod before.”


As I was saying, Wayne and I met on Twitter. We’re BIG-time fans of Black Sails on Starz. Wayne and I, along with our fearless leader Rob, Kelly, Tina, and Andra ARR co-founders of Black Sails Brethren, aka #BlkSailsBrethren @BlkSailsBrethrn Huzzah and Hoorah!!! Be there ever so humble a greater pirate home? Other than being on board the Urca with our hands on Spanish gold, I think not. (Pirate!)

Jack preens. “Congratulations, luv. A true brethren court, if ever I saw one.”

“I’m the lucky one, Jack!”

So don’t delay, me hearties! Check out my Blog Talk Radio chat today!

I ask you, has anyone ever liked the sound of their own voice? LOL!!!