Jack has a way of escaping trouble, sometimes without drinkin’ any rum. He’s a genius, plain and simple. But there are times when all he can do or does is run.

Have you been afraid to face your fears?


I’ve never been a fan of the horrifying bear tales I’ve heard about Alaska. But recently, I had the opportunity to visit my son there. Find out all about my trip and how I faced my fears at Author Collette Cameron’s port today: Shivers? Shakes? Nightmares? What Are You Afraid Of?

There’s a surprise giveaway involved too! Treasure hunters will appreciate the suspense. 😉

Meanwhile, I’m with my rogue in the hospital encountering another struggle ~ my husband’s health crisis. We just went through a terrifying end of vacation scare. I’m exhausted, emotional, and equally awed by the outpouring of good wishes my family, friends, readers and fans have extended to us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me understand I’m not alone!