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captain-jack-sparrow“Sink and scuttle me, three of Katherine’s books ARR eligible for the TRR Readers’ Choice Awards!”

Flails hands… “That’s beauty booty, if ye ask me. What? You didn’t?” Shifts eyes. “O’ course, ye did. Everyone wants a prize.”


ParrotCue parrot: “Mind your eyes. Mind your eyes.”

Adjusts effects. “Now, here be the code to help make Katherine’s dreams come true. Each book must garner at least 50 nominations to qualify for the next and final round from you. The deadline ends September 30 so don’t belay that.”

Cue parrot: “Help the booty.”

“That’s beauty. Help the beauty win said booty. How many times do we have to rehearse this?” Shakes head. “I have it on good authority, Katherine is overjoyed with this, her first ever nomination.” Leans close. “There may be rum in it for me—I mean you and me. Now,” straightens then takes a swig and offers a dram to said parrot, “mind your talons and click on the links below, if you dare. A vote for Katherine’s books will show that you care.”

Writing action/adventure/romance stories staring pirates + readers who truly care = priceless!

Huzzah and Hoorah!!! Thank you for your continued support and friendship, me hearties!!!