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The month of December is all about sharin’ gifts, recipes, and gatherin’ with family and friends. (Sharin’ is carin’, eh?) Even better, there’s nothing like parlayin’ on exciting topics here at Rogues, Rebels & Rakes. What better way to get to know an author then to learn their favorite recipes? So without further ado, Jack and I would like to welcome back Author Patricia Preston.

(I met Lady Patricia in my local RWA Chapter many years ago and I’m extremely happy and proud to call her my friend.)


“Aye, she’s tastes better than a Tortuga tart.” Jack winks.

“Jack! Lady Patricia isn’t here to talk about those kinds of tarts.”


“She has a delicious recipe called ‘pralines’ to share with us today.”


Darlenecroppedblackbackground2“I could have sworn Cotton’s parrot told me she’d come ‘with Darlene’.”

Katherine laughs. “I think you’ll find Lady Patricia’s pralines a brilliant substitution. As it happens, I see her now.”

Jack shuffles his feet and preens…


Patricia: “Thanks, Katherine, for having me over today.”

Jack removes his hat and swoops into an epic bow. “Our pleasure.

“Patricia, Jack and I are curious. Can you share a bit of history about pralines?”

PA1204_Pecan_Pralines.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscapePatricia smiles. “Pralines were originally made in France with almonds, but due to a shortage of almonds in Louisiana, pecans were substituted. Early pralines were also made using molasses and cream along with sugar and pecans. Pralines are sold in candy shops throughout the French Quarters and they are one of my favorite treats.”

“Darlene is one of me favorite treats,” Jack mumbles.

“Pssst.” Katherine nudges Jack. “Behave. Patricia isn’t here to talk about Darlene today.” Smiles at Patricia. “Do go on. What else were you going to say about pralines?”

“I passed on this love for pralines to my heroine in To Save a Lady. I hope you will enjoy them!”

“If this recipe is from you, dear lady, how can we not?” Jack gallantly steps forward to kiss Patricia’s hand. “Do tell us how we can enjoy such a tasty treat.”



1 1/2 c toasted pecans

1 1/2 c white sugar

3/8 c butter

3/4 c brown sugar

1/2 c milk

1 tsp vanilla

Line baking sheet with foil.

In a saucepan, combine pecans, sugar, butter, brown sugar, milk and vanilla. Medium heat.

Stir and heat until a small amount of syrup dropped in cold water makes a soft ball that flattens when dropped on flat surface.

Drop by spoonfuls onto foil-lined baking sheet. Let cool. Enjoy. Store in airtight container. Can be frozen to enjoy later.

Jack smiles. “That’s it? Sounds easy.” Gazes at Katherine. “I do believe we can do this without any rum.”

“Thanks for sharin’ such a yummy treat with us, Lady Patricia! And if you, dear readers, want a delicious treat. Patricia is offerin’ something else FREE today! Act now and you can get your FREE copy of To Save a Lady, French Quarter Bride Series Book #1!!! See below for more details!

HeadshotforKathyblogPatricia Preston writes mainstream romances with plenty of drama and wit. She is currently working on a contemporary series for Kensington Publishing. She loves the French Quarter in New Orleans and decided to do a historical romance series set during the Battle of New Orleans era in 1814-1815. To Save a Lady is available at Amazon. Besides romances, she writes short stories for her Humor and Happy Endings series. Set in the South and filled with fun, these stories will make you smile. Visit her website at www.patricia-preston.com



ToSaveaLady200“When Romantic Historical Reviews sent out the review request for To Save a Lady, the book description sounded very interesting, and I accepted the book for an honest review. I am so glad I did…To Save a Lady did not disappoint to say the least. It is one of the best books I have read in quite some time.”~Review Lady on Amazon

A dashing captain, a daring lady’s maid, a moonlit courtyard, and a story filled with romance and intrigue. Plus pralines, duels, the pirate Jean Lafitte, traitors, one devious villain, a lost boy, a stormy general, and a historic city on the brink of war.

To Save a Lady, French Quarter Brides Series, Book One.

A mainstream historical romance set in 1814 in New Orleans.


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