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Release day for Once Upon a True Love’s Kiss is almost here and the excitement level is rampin’ up on board ship. It’s almost time to give the order to unfurl the sails! But before I give the order, it’s Cap’n’s turn to post a kissing meme, featuring Tobias and Prudence from Once Upon a True Love’s Kiss as part of our Kiss Blitz.

Take a gander at what Cap’n has prepared for you, eh? I’m having so much fun creating these memes for every author in this box set. I’m getting to access the artistic side of my brain, a section I seldom get to use now that I’m writing books. (Yes, Cap’n went to art school. Woot!) I tell everyone I’m painting with words now. (Pirate!)

“A bit of rum will help with that, luv.” Jack grins, drinks a dram and offers Katherine a go.

“Rum is always good!”

Without further ado. Feast your eyes on this prize…

Kiss Meme KB

Available January 4, 2016

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Isn’t Tobias dreamy? So much passion, devotion, and dedication to those he loves. Unfortunately, for Tobias, he’ll have to prove himself after doing the unthinkable to Prudence. Yeeaauuss!!! Love the emotional pull of The Pirate’s Duchess!

And if you like Tobias and Prudence’s story, I promise more Black Regent goodness, me hearties. Coming up in 2016, you’ll get The Pirate’s Debt, with The Pirate’s Duty in the Regent’s Revenge Series to follow.

ARR you ready for my new series, me hearties?

Wishing you a FABulous holiday season!